The Core of Bending Backwards

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.<b>The Core of </b>Bending Backwards.
The Core of Bending Backwards
Led by: Byron De Marse
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
45 Minutes

In this stronger flow, the relationship between your core and spine are explored by integrating planks and poses that encourage spinal flexion and extension. Bending over backwards isn’t something that we do in our functional everyday life (unless you are bending over backwards for other people often!), so bringing extra attention to how to protect yourself while flirting with your edge is what this class is all about.

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JUST Byron! excellent as always. Namaste
Cristina Comunian
Feeling amazing and ready for my day. Thank you.
amazing class!! goes straight at my favorites...please make more classes
First class with Byron and will definitely be doing more, many more! Wow, just a really sweet relaxing and yet intricate flow! #love
All three programs of Byron are amazing. Gentle pace but at the same time so dynamic. I do not like the fast pace of power yoga classes. Thank you
Love it, love it, love it !!! Thank you Byron you are a great teacher so strong and peacefull at the same time 🙏
Looooved the strength!!! Had so much fun moving my body different ways, but still with that extra challenge 🤍
Byron, thank you so so much for your wonderful and strong practice, I cried at the end while in Savasana. Lots of love from France
samanta carpeggiani
I totally love and enjoy this lesson!!!And I'm goi to repeat it all ready!
I wanted some power yoga after cycling a lot, and this was unexpectedly perfect. It was like a full body tune up of twists, backbends, core strength, and unique balancing postures. Thank you so much!
Nice, Really enjoyed this class. Anyone else fell down while stading up in a cresent twist lunge?. Good practice for press up to handstand. Looking forward to the next lesson. Namaste
What an awkwardly beautiful practice!! Some rare poses (at least for me!) but so great to do, challenging strength and balance. Dynamic enough, demanding but doable. A great combination with the right doses. Thank you, Byron!!
Great flow for strength. I liked the slightly slower pace to really perfect form in each pose. The inversions and back bending leave you feeling amazing! Thanks Byron
Yunxi Hu
such a powerful and calming class. I love it!
Really enjoed the class - althoughy it could have been more challenging. On the other hand: was absolutely calming me down and feeling live in heaven - outstanding music! Track id? ;)
Soul family this practice is amazing! Beyond words. I felt invigorated and buoyant.
this was my first class with Byron, sooooo amazing. Thank you