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Led by: Erin Rose Ward
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
20 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
20 Minutes

This is a sweat inducing practice focused on stoking vitality. Through movement, breath, and sound you will experience your personal power and refine your capacity to listen to all it has to offer. For this practice have two blocks.

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Andreia Marques
Such a beautiful and energetic practise. Thank you Erin 🙏🏽
Great class. Erin is sweet, bright and radiating with that. Thank You!
Loved it - short and sweet as you say Erin but powerful and en energising. Thank You!
Laura Nelson
Sweet class that does leave you with energy! Breath work with movement and instruction. Final result leaves you with energy. I threw in some 1/2 and full sun salutations afterward to round it out. Enjoy!
Beautiful energy to this class. I was really able to combine breathe and movement which is normally a challenge for me. Thank you so much Erin.
Manal Sorour
iloved it gentle and powerful at the same time thanyou
Debra Suganuma
I absolutely loved this class! integrating the breath work and moving in such different ways was energetically uplifting and immediately felt in such a short practice.
Jaizel Lopez
Excellent class, very energizing!
totally love this class Erin
“Let the earth rise up to collect your Sun…” beautiful. I do hope there will be a Lunar flow to follow this Solar one! Love your classes and your sweet, soulful energy!
Oh gosh, this is what i call an extremely memorable practice. i just loved every sweet second of it. I honestly felt like i was in a different dimention at the end. Such beautiful moments of stillness, connection kand love. thank you for this practice🎇🌟