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Led by: Christine Turrentine
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Wisdom Talks
10 Mins
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Wisdom Talks
10 Minutes

What is Resiliency? This talk will define the meaning of true resiliency and offer suggestions on how to build it into your daily life.

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Lina Boutaleb
Thank you Chrstine for these super useful and concrete words of wisdom.
Thanks Christine. I am doing only the gratitude, but your recommendations are just very useful. I will put them into practice. Your way of explaining and your voice , both are calming and I am grateful for these uplifting advices. Ayse
What beautiful inspiring words of wisdom on building resiliency muscle and excercising neuroplasticity of the brain to cultivate a positive mindset! P.s- PLEASE let me know who makes this music ? I need this healing music in my everyday life! Thank you for creating an incredible program for healing & growing towards becoming our highest versions!
Thank you for the reminder to consistently flex that muscle to practice resiliency. It is a skill that we develop overtime and can improve upon with a regular meditation practice. 🙏🏼
The space between....the middle is always a struggle for THANK YOU for the reminder to pause and choose a response. The storm visual was spot on for what I needed today. And while I do practice the 3 things (gratitude) with my son, the trauma we have endured, and grit and resilience to build ourselves back together stronger, is proof positive that these practices work! Thank you, Christine!
Thanks Chrisitine! I can really use these thoughts now. Lately every tine that I think that I am surfing on top of the wave of life, I get smacked off by a rogue wave. Namaste1