Quads, Hamstrings and Glutes, Oh My!

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.<b>Quads, Hamstrings and Glutes,</b> Oh My!.
Quads, Hamstrings and Glutes, Oh My!
Led by: Denise Antoine
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
30 Minutes

Strengthen and stretch your legs with this 30-minute power yoga practice. Light up your glutes through supported warrior 3 with leg pulses and hamstring curls. Detoxify and balance into standing splits, twisted triangle, twisted half moon and maybe even a side crow with eagle legs. This flow is guaranteed to help kick start your day or assist as a pm stress reliever.

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Živa Trajbarič
After this practice I tried to hold splits for 5min. EASY! Thank you..You moved something in my body with twisting moons and triangles. YUUUPIII. Added to my fav flows. It was just what I need.
Sunny B
Teacher seems super spunky and sweet but transitions weren't really explained sometimes and it felt rushed (no holds). It wasn't a practice I felt afterwards so much a difference in my body or mind but I realize it's a 30 min. practice and that might be a tall order. Still love all the variety of content and teachers! THanks!
Jo Gunning
fabulous short class. thankyou and don't slow down .some of us need your challenge and experience . There are enough slow classes! You are perfect the way you are xxx
Jiaqi Qian
I look forward to more 30min sessions from you Denise. I love your class so much!
Serena Vento
This was my first practise with Denise. I have been very hesitant to try her practises because I had heard she goes too fast. I actually loved this! One thing I did though was decrease the speed to 0.75. You can do this easily if you play from the website. It makes following the practise a lot easier - and trust me I really do struggle with fast transitions - but with the slightly slower pace I found this to be a great flow!
Denise thank you for sharing your poses. You are obviously an expert, but I could not keep up. It would rather spend more time on the poses, especially on the twists for full benefit. Also, this was like a dance routine more than a yoga session. Overall very hard to keep up.
Lily Ho-Le
It would be great to feel more encouraged to be in the moment with each pose. I got a sense that you were already thinking about the next move before the last one was over, and made the flow feel rushed.
Good concept for a practice. But the cueing is very difficult to follow. Felt like I was always playing catch up while trying to look at the screen the whole time. I like a good challenge, but this was just frustrating.
I just read some of the other reviews.....Please don't slow down. Some of us prefer faster pace. There are plenty of slow movers on the Inner Dimension site. I prefer the faster less chatty classes. thanks Denise!!
Love this one!! Unique and love the faster pace and instruction!! I'm looking forward to trying more of Denise's classes!!
Love the emphasis of alignment by using the blocks! great class!
I was pretty excited when this class became available - targeting glutes and in 30 minutes! But...I feel like Denise was given a 40 minute practice and told to get it done in 30. Maybe I’m used to Travis’ style and cues, but I found Denise way too fast. I kept having to look at the screen to see where I should be.
I suffer from plantar fasciitis and stiff feet. This really worked out my lower body and stretch out my feet. Thank you! Lovely practice.
Denise is a great professional but she's always much too fast in everything. If she could just slow down a bit her classes would be more enjoyable. Sorry to say, but she seems stressed and there's no room to get into the poses. Slow down, girl!
Achala Rondla
Thank you Denise!! beautiful flow for an Oh My!! feeling :)
sima farage
Thank you Denise... great class...
perfect practice..loved it! thanks