Power Yoga Classic

60 Mins
.Power Yoga <b>Classic</b>.
Power Yoga Classic
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Strong Flow
All Levels
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

This practice has the perfect dose of strength, balance, flexibility and stamina. This class is perfect if you are looking for something strong but simple.

Jack Lyons
Such a perfect class. Simple but powerful, absolute bliss! Thank you !!!
Great practice! Very strong & thorough, it felt like I worked every major muscle group. Great pace, allows you to fully feel/enjoy each pose. I will be doing this one again!
Caroline Gregory
J'adore cette pratique simple mais aussi effective. Merci! Je suis aussi très contente pour mon abonnement car il y a tellement de choix.
Subhashini Mahadevan
It was a deceptively simple class Travis!!! Thank you!!! Loved it!!!!
Shelby Peterson
Loved this class, I was like that lady in the back is killing it, then I realized it was Denise!!
Julie Fongemy
Beautiful class as always, thank you, feel amazing after that nice flow!
Jill Roberts
That has the perfect blend of everything. Rather challenging but accessible too.
Rebecca Schriml
great classic class, just like it says!
👌Adriano is here allways with your community, it's soo strong but no impossible.👏 🙏 NAMASTE 🎵🎶
Great classic flow with plenty of challenge. Thanks Travis!
Some very long holds which make the practice quite challenging, even for intermediate/advanced yogis, but also accessible for beginners.
Very reminiscent of the original Ultimate Yogi - got to do some poses that I have missed from that program. Description is accurate - felt like I got a good workout and also a sweet ending of feeling detoxed. Thanks!
Sloooo flow. Accessible for all levels. Long holds. Great practice for the impatient.
Anna Notzel
A very well balanced practice and well suited even for beginners as the poses are not too complicated. I did it in the morning and feel great now! Thank you very much!