Power to the People 1

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.<b>Power</b> to the People 1.
Power to the People 1
Led by: Brent Laffoon
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
Strong Flow
Power Yoga
45 Minutes

An invigorating flow designed to help you get up and go! With a focus on spinal mobility, shoulder strengthening and core engagement, this practice will introduce you to a variation on the traditional vinyasa, as well as several creative ways to strengthen your core using plank, chaturanga and boat pose.

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Kinga Nyikos
It was fantastic! I felt all the time in every asana, and the asana's order, your huge knowledge. iIam sure, that behind all of yourclasses are a lot of effort from you. Your classes are very complex, precise built up, and very challenging. I know , the most of the peaple dont like the challenge, but I liked it very much! You are my teacher! Namaste :)
fabio proserpio
thank u Bremt
Marjan Buseyne
At first I was so angry at ‘this teacher’, almost monstrous, like ‘who the hell is this guy doing all these spectacular poses, he must think he’s so great, he is so this and that, I’m gonna stop the video, etc’. Meanwhile I learned from taking steady previous classes that sometimes we come at crossroads where everything in us protests, out of nowhere, such a big time that we need to recognize it and just go on with the show, our goal, our challenges to go beyond them. That’s what I did, just kept going, believing. In the end, reaching the resting pigeon I was in the most gorgeous blissful nectarian ecstatic state saying, I love Brent, he’s a great teacher :D Or, how or illusive monkey mind can trick us so strongly, on & off the mat. Thanks Brent, great class! Namasté
christen reinke
Given my arthritis, disc herniations, S1 Tarlov cyst, chronic neuropathy, etc. I am just thrilled that I can do many of Brent's classes. This class is like many of his - well structured with slow, prolonged warmups that allow me to get the joints warmed up before the fun begins. My opinion is that Brent gives careful consideration to every pose, every sequence, every transition. I am very grateful. Thank you Brent!
loved it -
Brent does a great job at pushing you to your edge and then backing off just enough to go forward with the challenging sequence. I would love to see a 30+ day special with him.
Great Instruction! It was a challenge ! I was not able to do every pose but I was open to trying them to my own degree. Thank you
Martha Ledesma
Third time around this class!! It challenges me, I did much better this time tough. Thank you so much for your comments at the end of the practice. Namaste
Shivani Yardi
While some of the sequences were beyond my current ability, I felt like I could modify and stay in the basic version of that advanced pose without feeling lost or discouraged. This was a great class that challenged me and I will keep coming back to it to find ease in the difficulty. Thanks Brent for your outstanding guidance!
Definitely not for all levels. Impressive but very frustrating...:)
WOW really hard and tough .but I did my best.. ...like the way you explain an push us... . I need to come back again to try and try ..... and get more fluidity and strength. Thanks for your patience and showing the best
Veera Aavikko
Loved it!! Absolutely fantastic, surprising and challenging!
Chris Gia
Brent, you are the master of 'discomfort' - in the beat way possible. Another class that took me to somewhere though not comfortable , it was highly inspiring and rewarding. Thank you!
Renee Minor
Thanks for the ultimate challenge and the gentle push to keep on going at your level. Great sequencing of moves. Renee
classic Brent. Thank You!
silvia araujo
amazing class...as always. Thank you so much
Karen Birthelmer
Brent does not disappoint! His classes are so challenging but he is so gentle and encouraging. Love love love!