Power Full Moon 2

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.<b>Power</b> Full Moon 2.
Power Full Moon 2
Led by: Mychal Prieto
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Slow Flow
All Levels
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

In this hour of power, we will flow, hold, and progress in some ways from PFM1. We will move through the A’s & B’s, taking conscious time to prepare the physical vessel to shine and radiate as bright as the moon. 

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Adrienn Molnar
Gotta love this strong slow flow! Nothing too fancy, yet so satisfying. Love how meticulously it builds up to half moon
Woow, Mychal! This is a ¨deceiving¨ class. It goes at a slow pace but every pose is faced as a challenge and if you truly focus and follow instructions, it IS a challenge. I felt every muscle of my body highly engaged (when going at a faster pace it flows more and does not require so much focus and engagement). At certain moments I even surprised myself of the power I needed to keep steady. A lot of proprioception indeed! Thanks, Mychal, for yet another wonderful experience.
This was such wonderful practice, beautiful pacing, it was slow but also a strong practice, I felt cued to do each pose and movement very deeply and mindfully. Also great music! Thanks!
Thank you so much!
Shine Bright!!! This class was amazing. I loved the long holds and thoughtful ques to get into some of my all-time favorite poses. Thank you!
Marike Emery
Wonderful class. Thank you so much, namaste 🧡
One of the best classes i did with Mychal today Power full moon 2 ..... thankyou so much
Rosana Cohen
Mychael is the kind of teacher that every time he talks I feel he is talking personally to me and watching me while on the pose because he reminds me of huge technics. He is a wonderful teacher that creates an awesome atmosphere to feel like I am practicing in a frontal class. Thank you, Mychael! Looking forward to more from you.
Katherine Swinford
This class was wonderful. Really loved the slow and mindful pace.
Justine Kinley
That as so lovely xxxx 🧘‍♀️
Robby Beauchamp
Another great class Mychal. I'm more impressed every time I take a class with you.
Fabienne moreau
so nice as usual, thanks so much Mychal!
Hayley Trower
Beautiful, thank you.
Christopher Tow
More long classes by Mychal, please!
Chris Gia
Mychal, once again you have provided a wonderfully balanced practice whereby longer holds allow for breath and asana to go a little more deeply, combined with flow for heat. Thank you!
Tetiana Sánchez Rodríguez
What a sweet practice! Sweat and sweetness :) I love to watch Mychal growing from a young to a confident yoga teacher over the last 1-1,5 year. Now he transmits me calm and connection to the roots and nature. Blessings to Mychal, or how we say in Ukraine - mnogaya lita, Mychal!
Wendy Hesketh
I loved it! This is just what I needed, the slow, long holds made me feel so good.