Mt Pose Series

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.<b>Mt Pose</b> Series.
Mt Pose Series
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
All Levels
Gentle Yoga
30 Minutes

This powerful standing series is like a yoga version of Tai Chi. Passed down for hundreds of years through the Krishnamacharya lineage, each movement is repeated slowly three times. This sequence will gentle stretch every major muscle in the body and align the seven energy centers along the spine.

“Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the world.”

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Patricia Jarnier
Need more programs of that version of taï chi. Wonderful practice.
Trina ioviero
This was a sensational practice; this sharpened my attention to the flow, the body, my breathing, and connection to the energy of our teacher and classmates. Slow and repetitive is just delicious for the mind/body/spirit of our practice.
michelle pines
Amazing plus! Travis you are so creative, will revisit this class often!
Nicky Breedt
Very calming and meditative!
Andrea Nelson
I have de quervain tensonitus and Achilles Tendonitus and this practice was great to get my joints moving.... Hoping to heal asap so that I can get back to my Power Yoga... :-)
Lorraine Jones
The combination of breath, movement and mindfulness was wonderfully restorative. It still got my chi moving, especially in arms and shoulders. I'm walking taller and feel great!
Rajni Ishaya
Perfect to calm the mind, focus on the breath and SLOW down. LOVED IT! Thanks so much!
So powerful! there is so much more than asana and this is an example. Breath, retention, mindful movement is a Path! Thank you Travis for this one!
Tamara Selzer
Please don't believe that crappy comment. When you do the PY108 Program this Mountain Pose session is such a joyful treat!!! After all those chaturangas in the first week of the program this feels like the perfect gentle stretch! It's awesome and now I feel well prepared for week 2!
Ester Franklin
boring, not power yoga