Move Your Hips
Part 2

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.Move Your Hips<br/><b> Part 2</b>.
Move Your Hips
Part 2
Led by: Jenny Guzon-Bae
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
Functional Fitness
All Levels
Power Yoga
30 Minutes

This 30 minute practice will move along our frontal plane focusing on the actions of hip abduction (movement away from the midline) and adduction (movement towards the midline). Movement in adduction and abduction can help you build strength, mobility, and stability. Let’s strengthen your outer hips! 

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Blissful class for the hip mobility!! As a 50+ woman, hips have become a main focus on my yoga practices, as they seem to often carry more than they should, so keeping the mobility, the space and the range has become a priority. These series really help! Thanks so much for your clear explanations and your spot on cues!
Kristina Henneberg
Tried this because my hips are always tight. Beautiful transitions that make it feel like one long pose. Only wish it were longer, or a full hour to focus on other areas. Wonderful teacher. Thanks!