Mobilize Your Engine

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.<b>Mobilize</b> Your Engine.
Mobilize Your Engine
Led by: Byron De Marse
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
45 Minutes

Practice this if your intention is to fire on all cylinders. Inspired by chiropractic care techniques to awaken your spine, this breath-led flow blends asanas and mobility exercises that holds postures just the right amount of time and leaves you wondering how the time flew by.

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Anjali Taneja
Thank you so much. I felt my body at a complete different way. You bring so much peace in you’re practice. This is really the unity what yoga is supose to be. Thanks so much for sharing you’re beatuful practice.
Anjali Taneja
Thank you for this amazing practice. It’s so perfectly balanced in every way. And really nice to work with my body at a different way with this rotantions. You really have the gift to create so much peace and to really be in the moment, in unity. Thanks!!
Great class; intelligent, challenging but with mindfulness! A nice mix juxtaposition of exertion & rest. It went by very fast too! Awesome Byron
Lindsay Metz
My back felt amazing after this practice! Very nice cues and immediate positive changes in my body.
Robby Beauchamp
Very fun and innovative flow. I really enjoy the mobility based classes.
Beautiful practice, not only for the body. It left my soul at peace. Thank you, Byron.
Fabienne moreau
great class and moves! Thanks Byron :-)
After a sleepless night I really needed to mobilize my engine and this practice did the trick. I came away relaxed yet energized. The poses touched many places that I don't often stretch. Byron's instruction is clear, concise and extremely easy to follow. This one's a favorite now!
What a great way to recover the day after completing 2nd round of Level Up 108! Thank you.
Judit Szikszai
Really enjoyed this one! I loved the simple yet energizing flow of it. Thanks, Byron
Im working with a shoulder injury and this was a really nice practice to do some yoga and work on loosening up the tight areas - thank you Byron
Byron, thank you for this wonderful but yet unique practice! Love your teaching style and I definitely will look for your other classes! Namaste!
Really liked it - something a bit different and I enjoyed the 'deconstruction' of some classic poses. Thank you Byron
Merci Byron pour cet agréable moment, love your way of teaching and this class is excatly what i needed after a week far from my mat!
Cristina Comunian
Thank you, this is exactly what I needed this morning. Namaste
Kathleen Kitts-Struyk
Love this class!!! Moves, positions, I've never done, hitting areas that don't get worked much. My spine feels lubricated and flexible. Love Byron's energy.
Alejandro Angel Pais
I feel great :))))) Thank you Byron