Living the Good Life

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.Living the <b>Good Life</b>.
Living the Good Life
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Strong Flow
All Levels
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

In this Power Yoga practice Travis Eliot guides you through a dynamic flow interwoven with his 7 steps on “Living the Good Life.” This class is perfect if you are looking for something strong, sweaty, and inspiring. Travis offers a soulful live chant at the end during shavasana.

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Dana Gibri-Bashi
WOW!!! Great flow but the last few minutes were simply amazing. I wish every class ended with chanting and om. It gives the feeling of actualy being together in the room. Loved it!
Diana Carolina Vertiz del Valle
Thank you very much! Love this practice. I would like to know the song at the end of the practice, what is it about and it`s meaning. Is there a place where I can find info about it?
Pamela Musso
love this good to get back to the basics and why i joined ..thanks Travis
Danielle Quesnel
That was the most beautiful yoga practice I've experienced to date. Thank you, Travis. You are truly one of a kind. The singing and the guided meditations at the end were perfect, and I loved the steps of living the good life throughout. Great power yoga, flow, stillness and breathing.
Ramon Eduardo Garcia
Loved this class
Love this class
Claudia Gabler
One of my all time favourite classes - Thank you Travis! Best wishes from Switzerland.
Phenomenal class. Another yogi said it was Travis church and I agree. I don't see how anyone could regret doing this class. Thank you Travis, one of the best, Namaste
One of Travis’ best 🙏
this is not only living the good life but also praticing the best yoga ❤🙏
My favorite class on Inner Dimension yet. The chanting at the end was beautiful and emotional and the perfect end to this inspiring class.
This is a challenging, thought-provoking workout. I love getting inspired to set intentions and dedicate my movement through the practice to them. I also love that Travis is always inspiring but never preachy.
Love it its strong but also relaxing in the mind. Adored the final meditation with the singing. Thank you thank you Travis!
WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED. It's gonna take me several more minutes to let this practice saturate my body, because it has completely saturated and overflowed my soul. Not only was this a fluid and challenging class, but the guidance and direction had me feeling more empowered, courageous, and vulnerable in a way I haven't experienced in awhile. The song and instrumental at the end had me like..."where has THIS been all my (yoga) life??!! This is exactly why I cancelled every other membership I ever had today- and am certain I am right where I'm supposed to be!
This is the ultimate Travis Eliot power flow, perfectly balancing long holds and breathe to movement flow. Challenging poses to work the body and Travis-church for the soul — this is definitely Living the Good Life.
Probably one of the single best classes I've ever taken. Emotionally charged as well as dynamic and challenging. Perfect music choice and I will come back to this regularly!
I just love your dialogue, your wise words and your creative flows . Thank you so much . Namaste