Joy & Play

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.<b>Joy</b> & Play.
Joy & Play
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Wisdom Talks
5 Mins
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Wisdom Talks
5 Minutes

When was the last time you played? Most adults lost a sense of play with the departure of childhood but as we deepen our practice it’s important to keep a playful attitude on the journey. In this Wisdom Talk Lauren addresses how to approach your daily practice with curiosity and playfulness to help you establish a practice you love.

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Such beautiful words that struck deep into my heart. Thank you.
So important. We so often push play to "kid's work" or the last thing on our list. But it's so important! Yoga is part of my play. Yoga balance days are how I reconnect to my child self who loved gymnastics. It brings joy and play.
This is a deeply touching talk ❤️ It is very beautiful, it opens up a door towards more freedom, acceptance, authenticity, love, surrender and much more. You’ve touched my heart with your words and this is seriously nourishing me now and I am going to walk towards more reflexions and certainly learn to play tag again... So grateful 🙏