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Led by: Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
No Props
All Levels
Power Yoga
30 Minutes

Flow with Travis and Lauren through this 30min power yoga practice during which you will integrate mentally, emotionally, and energetically. Expect to flow with grace, strength and vitality as Lauren and Travis trade teaching back and forth to take you on a journey through your 6 human dimensions”

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Working with you together has been just amazing, you have managed to transmit your energy to me... Thank you for everything…Namaste!!!!
Always beautiful and perfect... THANK YOU
Judy Pawlick
Thank you both for this connection and friendship! This was just the right class for me today. Always a pleasure to practice with you!
Wow! Super fun class! Just challenging enough to wake up the body but not so hard that you need a nap after. Also great to see Lauren and Travis working together.
Amy Rosenberg
I took a brief break from my daily practice to work on a household project. This class was perfect fore returning to my daily practice! Happy New Year
Dr. Sabrina Schmitz
Wonderful harmony within you two, thank you for the practice :)
Andrea Nelson
Perfect for my Saturday morning :-) nice pace. Namaste from the UK.
Renee Minor
Just the right tempo...a complete and enjoyable class.
it´s an honour, it´s a blessing having you both and innerdimension tv in my life. Thank you and namaste.
David Kanno
Loved this practice first one back after suffering with sciatica pain for over three weeks. wanted to do a 30 min classs to start with for a week before getting into my other saved programs. Thank you Lauren and Travis for a great class to get back into.
Aakaanksh Pothukutchi
Namaste! I loved this class, I loved the quotes you choose, the sequence was fantastic, your ability to seamlessly switch between leading was out of this world. Adding this class to my next morning yoga party (wherein I invite friends over to practice a yoga class).
Subhashini Mahadevan
Loved the class!!!! Ever grateful -Namaste.
Really nice class - a back to classics in terms of asanas - and really nice also to have both of you present a class to together too Thank you
Thank you Travis and Lauren for this class. It feels so right and deep even though it's simple and familiar.
Jennifer Cevik
Wonderful class and message at the end. I am so blessed I found you. Thank you Lauren and Travis.
Vicky Murua
Beautiful flow, helped me to get back into yoga after a heart surgery. Namaste
lovely thank you