Give Yourself a Massage

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.Give Yourself a <b>Massage</b>.
Give Yourself a Massage
Led by: Paul Teodo
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
All Levels
Yin Yoga
30 Minutes

Our hands and feet are areas that build up a lot of tension from repeated movements on a daily basis. This yoga class focuses on combining gentle stretches with myofascial massage to release years of built-up tension throughout the myofascia in the hands and feet. This is a class for everyone, especially people who do a lot of walking/running.

Props – 1 block, 2 tennis balls or myofascial release balls.

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Nicci Gafen
Brilliant class.
Els Verbrugge
I'm sorry to have to report that, because of this practice, my knees have been feeling very bad- it's been 2 days already. I think the excercise where the myofascial release balls are placed behind the knees, caused an overstretch in my knee ligaments. My knees are usually fine, no problems with them. That's why I was surprised to experience this knee injury all of a sudden. It took me a while to link it to the yoga class, as I had not done anything else out of the ordinary. Although the practice itself was OK, I would not recommend the practice. Especially not to someone who has knee issues.
magali millou
always so gooooood.... please more of these ( special artritis maybe?) namaste
I love the look Paul gives to camera- it feels like he is looking at my practice, like my own teacher. Today's class helped me a lot due to me crying yesterday for a whole day and night and today for whole morning. I am grateful for this class, it helped me to change state of feeling. Now i am a lot better. Thank You Paul, You are great at this. Keep on no matter what. Whoop whoop!
Renee Minor
Great class...hands and feet feel so much better! I really enjoy the myofascial release classes!
Super appreciate this class! Thank you so much. Would love another class like this.
magali millou
please more than s so gooooooood.
Francesca Romana Onofri
Thank you so much! I feel "new"😍
awesome class, it went through very quickly !! a longer one using balls would be fantantastic! gracias!!!!
Excellent way to work out the kinks. I'd love to see more of these types of classes using the balls.
Such a great class! Am doing it frequently - feel such relief afterwards - thank you and please do more.
andrea durie
fantastic myofascial release class!
Anne Colsenet
I loved it !
My feet than you!!