Gentle Shoulders

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.<b>Gentle</b> Shoulders.
Gentle Shoulders
Led by: Mychal Prieto
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
All Levels
Gentle Yoga
30 Minutes

In this practice we will mindfully focus on creating space in the upper body with an emphasis on the shoulders. The shoulders are the most mobile joint in the body, and sometimes can be the most susceptible to injury. Giving this area of the body attention, with breath, will help create more spatial awareness as well as resiliency.

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Great workout. Thank you
Heidi Ward
Love this, helped my neck feel so much better, thank you!
T E Rabie
Very pleasant and soothing. Thank you.
Sophie Smith
Love all your classes so far, you are so soothing. Thank you xxx
From France, huge thank you. The rhythm & voice are super important to me to get in the class & you're just PERFECT. All the movement are really helpful for my muscles contractions. 👍
Excellent shoulder release and mobility work!
Elisabeth Herbner
Wonderful morning practice to loosen up my shoulders before sitting at my desk for the day! Thank you!!
great class! This was my PAUSE moment and absolutely loved it :)
Really, really enjoyed this practice. Shoulders feel amazing!
This was great, thank you Mychal. And thank you SO much for not yielding to temptation to add in a downward dog somewhere. Perfect.
Loved it 😍
Cristina Comunian
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can we have something similar for the neck and trapezius muscles?
Klara Eberharter
Nice Shoulder stretch, well done. Thank you Mychal K.
Great class for shoulders and wrists!
Caron Lynn
So, so good - not only for my shoulders, but also my wrists and forearms. Absolute bliss!
Claire Yaeger
It was meant to be! I camped all weekend and was feeling stress in my shoulders. I looked into inner dimension for a gentle practice upon arriving home and shoulders were the feature! I am so grateful.
Elisa Barton
Great stretching for my shoulders. I drive a lot this was a needed remedy. Thank you!