Full Body Flow

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.Full Body <b>Flow</b>.
Full Body Flow
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
Strong Flow
All Levels
Power Yoga
30 Minutes

In this all levels power yoga practice, Travis will guide you through a dynamic and comprehensive flow. This intentional class packs a lot in a short time making it perfect when you want a good challenge but you are limited on time.

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After this class I felt energized trough all the day
Well balanced power yoga class when you have only 30min
I love this class when I have not too much time to practice. I love the pace and the music is ok. I always come back to this class. Thank you.
mutlu dinckok
loved the practice. hated the music. please take it off
Annie Hebert
completed February 10, 2024 .. loved it
Suzie Hubbard
Love love this class! I have tried many and enjoy them but this is the one that I come back to when I need a reset. Thank you Travis
magali Leroy
My new journey within Yoga is incredible thanks to your classes !
Morag Imogen Simpson-Mowday
Fantastic for raising a sweat when time is short and yet it also manages to be so complete and rounded as always - what a teacher - thank you always Travis
Keiann Vujkovic
Sooo much wisdom. Thank you Travis!! A perfect practice as always. Much love Inner Dimension Community <3
Gregoor Dewancker
enjoyed it a lot
It’s a wonderful practice and I enjoyed it very much! Thank you Travis!
Vicky Gray-Clark
Travis, thank you for this beautiful flow practice. I've done it a few times and continue to come back to it. Love the overall flow and perfect cues, especially in a 30-minute period of time. Namaste, Vicky
Veronika Völker
This is one of my favourite classes when I am limited in time. Thank you so much Travis!
Sandra Hormann
Travis, thank you for this class. I really enjoy practicing with you - it was 30 minutes of joy- on repeat!
Erik Veenstra
Great class, as always with Travis. We want more of him! :)
Lacy Mason
Loved the creative transitions & that so much was packed into only 30 mins! Thanks for a great class!!
Hannes Brandl
A wonderfull practice! Thank you, Travis!!!!!