Strength & Stretch

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.Strength & Stretch.
Strength & Stretch
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

Some say a yoga pose doesn’t begin until the moment you are ready to run away from it because it’s not until the challenge arises that the opportunity for growth begins. This class will challenge full body strength by taking you to your edge through numerous poses. To compliment strength, the second half of the class will provide the gift of stillness through yin poses like Sphinx, Resting Belly, Fire Log, Supported Bridge and more.

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Great strength class! Getting me sweaty like 108 class.
This program is absolutely wondeful, gets my chronically stressed mind to quieten. Thank you.
Chris Gia
Loved the strength flow coupled with long releasing holds with the Shaolin wisdom weaved in. Thank you, TraviS
Suzie Hubbard
Perfect balance of challenge, release and stretch.
Chloe Miller
the production quality is just unreal---like a Marvel movie but it's yoga! thanks so much for the quality classes--very motivating! felt so good after!