Feel the Joy

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.Feel the <b>Joy</b>.
Feel the Joy
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
Strong Flow
All Levels
Power Yoga
30 Minutes

In this 30 minute practice get ready to Feel the Joy! It’s often said that if you want to change your state, move your body so for the next 30 minutes be prepared to flow and glow with this dynamic practice.

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The perfect little practice to feel yourself in your body, mind and soul.
Toni Pescud
Great class thank you :)
Zeljana Rotim
Lovely clas, but Lauren, you talk too much. 30mins of talking...no time for doing the yoga and emptying the mind because the mind stays focused on the words, searching for the next instruction.
Feel the joy is the perfect description of this practice.
Hannes Brandl
Such a wonderful practice!!!!
Next favorited class. I can't get enough of Lauren's attitude ;D
Amy Rosenberg
Best way to spend 30 minutes
Christine Wilson Cullis
Love this - started just doing power yoga sessions, however, have started "accepting" all the sessions - this has its place and value in my ongoing practice with you guys - thank you Lauren
Great way to start my day! I definitely feel more open through my shoulders and chest and more at ease.
Balanced flow that hits all the spots!
Lauren always leave me with a smile on my face--Thanks
Found this ideal for a late-afternoon or early evening pick-me-up. There's a one-armed version of the superman pose with a quad stretch that I've never done before. These workouts really advance my practice!
It‘s a solid and fun class. With its backbending and heart opening it is definitely invigorating and energizing. This class is fast paced and time flies by. For me Lauren is a bit to talkative and fast in her sequencing. But I experience this often with her.
Great class! Not a super tough flow but very enjoyable. Theme of the class is what I needed this morning
Absolutely loved this class!!! Being reminded that we can always choose joy! 🙏🏻