Exploring Sun Salutation C

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.<b>Exploring</b> Sun Salutation C.
Exploring Sun Salutation C
Led by: Paul Teodo
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
45 Minutes

This Power/Vinyasa flow is great for opening up the front body and focuses on creative ways to play with Sun Salutation C. This flow emphasizes linking breath and movement, and is also wonderful after a long day of traveling, sitting in a car, or at a desk. 

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Lewis Wright
Even though my balance is too poor, I really enjoy the flow and want so badly to be able to do every pose! I'm favouriting this and will keep at it, even if I fall every time I try and do the standing pigeon.
Shelby Peterson
nice juicy flow great for low body
Nicci Gafen
Michelle Weigand
This is a wonderful flow practice.
Franziska Fuhs
Loved every minute!
Great class, Paul you're a wonderful teacher. Thank you!
Francesca valentini
Done this already 100x but do not get enough. Thanks Paul for being who you are.
Rebeca Mejía Herrada
What a beautiful piece of art! I Loved every second of this practice. Allow me to express my gratitud for sharing your light Paul. This was exactly what my body and soul needed! And I love the end affirmations too.
still one of my fav flow ever at this community - all flows of Paul are a perfect challenge for your mind and body! LOVE IT!!!
Sofia Faure
One of the best best practices !! Balance between self love and self respect ;)
Loved this class Paul! Slow and steady yet super sweaty! The music is so calming and beautiful as well. Only wish it were longer so I could have experienced more. Please make more classes! :)
Trish Lawton
Paul -- Wow! The most well-rounded practice ever! Perfect length of time, great sequencing, challenging yet attainable. First time I'd ever been invited to slightly turn out my feet in a back bend -- life-changing!!! Make more of these please :-)
Amazing how a practice which on the surface is steady and calm, leaves me with feeling warm and every cell in my body tingling with energy. I loved the advice at the end of the practice about self-respect and self-love - what a perfect way to step into the day. Thank you!
Gali Niv
Thanks it was great
Thank YOU, Paul!! For someone who struggles usually with her right hip flexor (shortened) this was challenging and uncomfortable, yet relieving and I felt longer and more supple as I finished the class. Great sequencing, fabulous cues and, to be honest, I don't even notice the music as I am so focused on your words and what you do that it's totally in the background ;-) I thoroughly enjoyed it!! Thanks so much!!
Jill Roberts
Challenging and interesting sequencing. I feel balanced and strong after that. Thank you.