Energy Boost

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.<b>Energy</b> Boost.
Energy Boost
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
45 Minutes

In this 45 minute practice Lauren guides you through the five dynamic directions that energy or prana flow – downward and upward, inward and outward, and all around. This practice will awaken not only your body but your spirit.

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Thank you, this hit the spot! Lauren did a great job explaining the form for reach pose and giving options for all abilities.
Wow!! I love the emphasis on the movement of energy and all of the different prana vayus. So invigorating! One of my new Lauren favorites.
Andrea Nelson
Good Morning from Wellingborough UK. Thank you Lauren, this class did what it said on the tin. So many postures in a 45 min class and gracefully done :-)
Christina Vedder
Just a wonderful flow that contains many of my favourite poses and moves like halfmoon and warrior. Lauren offers a very colourful and at the same time spiritual flow. As predicted by her, I am feeling very balanced right now after that I finished the class.
I was looking for a 45-minute practice that I hadn't tried before and this one really met my needs - great sequencing and rhythm with several challenging poses I enjoyed doing. Lauren did a great job of clearly explaining the poses and the benefits.
Loved this! Particularly liked the teachings in the flow about balance and listening to your body to bring it in to balance... stayed with me all day! Thank you Lauren :)
Just what I needed. Great practice to balance yourself in a physical and mental way. I love Lauren's classes!
Love the challenges and the flow of this practice - and it truly energized me!
Thank you Lauren! :):):)
This practice reminds me to feel even more attentively while exercising. Not only physically but also spiritually. 🙏💫
What a great balanced class! One of my new favorites! What a great class to hone in on focus, breath and mental and physical balance! Thank you, Lauren!
Loved that! Just what I needed this morning, thank you.
I enjoyed the flow, the balancing poses were a nice change of pace forcing you be aware and focus. Thanks for the class.
The start is a little slow for me...….but the standing poses are fun and worth the slow start. Full Eagle, King Dancer and a couple of other poses that are a nice variation from the typical standing poses. I will definitely add this one to my list of workouts to repeat.