Digesting Life

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.Digesting Life.
Digesting Life
Led by: Chris Walker
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
All Levels
Yin Yoga
30 Minutes

Our bodies are incredible, always in the constant cycle of eating, drinking, breathing, and digesting. While the physical body is constantly digesting, the mind can easily stop, especially during difficult times. In this practice, we will be letting go of comfort and welcoming all feelings and emotions.

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I love Chris classes and especially his classic approach to Yin with focus on meridians, the body-mind connection and the rebounds! Please make a 1 hour Yin class at some point in time
Love this!!
Elisabeth Herbner
Amazing class and cues! Appreciated the rest and space between poses and all the meridian and organ information during holds. Feel v relaxed and more mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared to take on life.
I loved this class. Would like it more if it lasted longer than 30 minutes.
Conny Polster
Thank you for this beautiful practice Chris! I enjoyed it a lot and will definitely come back to it!
Very enjoyable class. I grunt a bit too, going from pose to pose-lol! Thanks, Chris!
Rebeca Mejía Herrada
This practice was a piece of heaven, thank you Chris, you are amazing.
Lovely practice to seal the evening with, all the poses and the narration was just what was needed. Thank you
I loved this class and will incorporate it into my weekly regimen. His golden nuggets regarding our bodies made me enjoy his class so much. I will look for more classes from him :)
MArio Lalich
Thank you. I'm grieving the lose of my husband and your kind words hit the spot. You are truly gifted. Tina
Renee Minor
Another superior class and full of wisdom about the importance of allowing first and letting go. ty!
Caron Lynn
All of the humor, all of the wisdom, all of the feels. It is a joy and a privilege to practice with you. I'm definitely Team Chris! Namaste