Dark Side
of the Moon

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.Dark Side <br/><b>of the Moon</b>.
Dark Side
of the Moon
Led by: Erin Rose Ward
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
No Props
Slow Flow
All Levels
Gentle Yoga
45 Minutes

This slow flow into yin class is perfect for the days when you want to move your body while hearing the call to go into the inner cave of the heart. Flow with Erin through a pranayama warm up and moon salutations followed by a few yin postures to lead you into deep rest.

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I loved this. After an emotional day it has balanced me. Erin has such a lovely way about her.
What a blissful practice, Erin!! And perfect for a "sluggish" day when the energy is not yet there. This flow allows you to be gentle with your body as well as build that needed energy and finish feeling refreshed, stretched, relaxed and happy. Your cues and guidance are spot on. And your voice is so soothing and loving... You're a treat!! Thanks!
Uniquely fluid and lyrical instruction and creative use of props! Thank you for this beautiful class Erin!
Edita Mehmeti
Beautiful .Loved your class!
Erik Veenstra
Soft and caring class. Such a relaxing and gentle vibe transmitted by Erin here. Blissful.
I am not a morning yogi, but I tried this class today when I woke up. It gave me everything I needed to start my day and I am still full of moon energy. Beautiful practise and as Erin said, we are always saludating the sun, it was time to salute our beautiful moon. Thank you for this class Erin !!
Jennifer Cevik
This is a fabulous class. Thank you Erin
Beautiful practice. Gentle and purposeful movement. Thanks Erin.
Natania Cipriano
Wonderful, mindful, breath centered class. Loved being able to practice the moon salutations leading into just enough time for yin like postures. Will definitely be practicing this again.
Rafaela Hänggi
Total bliss - thank you Erin for your energy, for creating and sharing this practice with us! I will come back to this one!
This is a beautiful, beautiful practice. Thanks Erin!
As a night loving, moon gazing, star seeking dark night of the soul wandering practitioner, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this practice, and Erin! I will be bringing this moon flow outside in the evening -it's the ONLY thing that could make it better. Erin, you are such a gift to this community. Your guidance, cues, invitations, wisdom, language, and little jokes just fill my soul! I will be sitting with my little fire logs😁, and coming back to this practice a thousand times over. Powerful.
>Love the moon salutations - well guided and Erin's gentle approach is perfect for this practice Thank you Erin
Rebeca Mejía Herrada
What a beautiful practice Erin, thank you for guiding us to connect to our moonside! I loved every minute of it!
Thank you for this peaceful and beautiful practice. On this rainy day practicing with you was what my body and soul needed .
Silvia Matei
Such a wonderful, relaxing class with a bit of moon energy/heat. I just saved it as one of my favs.
This was bliss.