Cozy Slow Flow

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.<b>Cozy</b> Slow Flow.
Cozy Slow Flow
Led by: Jenny Guzon-Bae
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
Slow Flow
All Levels
Gentle Yoga
30 Minutes

This full body flow class is perfect for those days when you want to move, but you want to move more slowly and mindfully. Let’s connect to your body and breath, and let go of any stresses, worries or burdens.

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Pamela Musso
This was perfect! Keeping a daily practice since I completed the 108 day challenge, followed by the 60 day, but wanted a gentle one tonight. Thank you!
Carolin Linder
I loved it! Thank you.
Evi Papp
I absolutely loved it!!! Thank you Jenny!!!
magali millou
lovely, merci....would be great for 1 hour.
Davinia Gray
Thank you so much Jenny for a beautiful, calming and tender flow. Perfect for my lower back tenderness. It has left me feeling at peace. ;-]
Rafaela Hänggi
The sweetest flow! Perfect if you want to do something in the evening, but are too tired/lazy to go for a Power Yoga Class. The flow of the poses are beautiful and creative. And Jenny is a great Instructor!
I love this practice! Just what I need today. Thank you!
Rhina Badia
Wonderful class. I feel so relaxed and stretched. Jenny's voice is so soothing. Loved it!
This was such a wonderful class. Jenny is an amazing teacher (first one I've tried of hers). Perfect for my feels this morning. Thank you so much <3
Angela Spreacker
Loved it - thank you!
Perfection for me now.
Sandra Kessler
I absolutely LOVED it! It was just what I needed after 9 hours at the desk. Thank you so much for this class.
Lisa Tice
Thanks so much! Perfect flower when you need to ease back into your practice!
I love this slow flow. Perfect for rainy days or when you just crave a gentler practice. I particularly appreciate the way Jenny balances verbal cues with moments of quiet - it is hard to find that sweet spot but she does it so well and it creates a very calming class.
Maxime Haché
Feels reallly good, could be one of the best yoga sessions I've done so far, but she speaks way to fast! If I concentrate on inhale/exhale, I am 2-3 movements behind.....
Wonderful class! It help me strech some of my corner muscles on my back that bothered me for weeks and I could't figure out what made me feel tight. Thank you so much for the design of every pose.
Anne Carol Sharples
Beautiful flow.