Bindless Bird of Paradise

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.Bindless <b>Bird of Paradise</b>.
Bindless Bird of Paradise
Led by: Jenny Guzon-Bae
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

The traditional shape of Bird of Paradise is a challenging one that combines strength, balance, external hip rotation and deep shoulder opening to create the bind. In this flow, we’ll find the same challenging aspects of Bird of Paradise, but find a creative way of accessing it with a block to make it bind-LESS!

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Jenny is so creative and original. This was a seriously fun class. It tested me in new ways. I think I smiled through the whole hour.
Thank you for this program! Had an amazing hour!
Loved it. I love Jenny's voice and the use of the block. Thank you, Namaste
Antje Hennegriff
Dear Jenny, for me this class was very special - I really enjoyed it - new asanas with new challenges - tank you
Echo everything everyone said. This class was a total blast. I had so much fun doing it and couldn't believe it when the hour was already up! Super excited to take more classes with Jenny!
Ana Kusturin
thank you thank you thank you
Małgorzata Kopyra
Perfect evening class, the hour sped by I do not know when :)
Dina Gomez
Great class, Jenny! Love it...
samanta carpeggiani
Great balance between stretch, strength and flexibility. Demanding but going at the right pace and building up. Creative and different. I loved the way you use the block to highlight the pose and feel it differently. New approach, new poses and great overall feeling. Thanks, Jenny, for a wonderful practice!
Fabienne moreau
great class with new impulses - thanks Jenny!
What an interesting and challenging class! Jenny has such a cool space about her, and interesting sequencing. I highly recommend!
awesome practice! incredible ways for new streches that leaves your body incredible relax, thank you, NAMASTE
I loved this practice. Thank you xx
Great class. Very creative sequence. Quads, hamstrings, balance and some twists. Could not ask for more. Thank you Jenny, Namaste!
Morgan Froelich
This is definitely going in my favorites. what a challenge!
I loved this, Jenny. You always come up with new ways of moving and interpretations of standard postures. And in this one you give clear instructions, and take your time, giving the student plenty of time to pace themselves throughout. Sometimes teachers can rush a bit and go too fast - but for me, your pacing is perfect. Thank you.