Behind the Scenes Yoga Detox 30

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.Behind the Scenes <b>Yoga Detox 30</b>.
Behind the Scenes Yoga Detox 30
Led by: Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
5 Mins
5 Minutes

Join Travis and Lauren as they take you behind the scenes of their latest program Yoga Detox 30!

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Barbara Rosenman
I'm really sorry that you guys are separating. It is a tough thing, but you surely have the tools to manoeuver through this hump. Like you said, you can control some things and others are just out of your reach. Go with it, it's easier than resisting. Love you, Barbara
Johannah Fawthrop
My partner and I are separating after 14 years. As anyone knows this can be painful and confusing particularly when children, property and animals (we’re farmers! :) are involved. We decided to follow the 30 day detox course as a way to help us navigate this change. To ensure we were both reading from the same sheet. This course has helped us communicate with compassion, resolve our levels of commitment to the relationship and face this challenge with courage… I’m pleased to say the work we have done has bought us clarity and taken us into a wonderful new relationship. I highly recommend this approach to any couples in need of guidance and thank you Lauren and Travis from my new spacious heart! :-) Odonata
I finished the level up 108 and started detox 30 two days ago! i love it! super challenging just like level up 108..