Beginners Mind

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.<b>Beginners</b> Mind.
Beginners Mind
Led by: Mychal Prieto
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
20 Mins
Power Yoga
20 Minutes

Take an easeful ride with your breath in this 25-minute vinyasa class. We will move through a series of three different flows, all meant to be steered and guided by a slower pace of breathing.

Props: Option for 1 or 2 blocks if needed In Child’s Pose

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Gavin Earnest Matthews
I much prefer these gentler classes I use my body for work and are generally quite sore , wish the website had more like this. Thank you.
Mychal I love your classes, you're so sweet with a beautiful smile, and we understand really well what's your purpose, and even though I'm a yoga teacher, first of all I'm a student and this is always good to take classes, to slow down, to get back to ourselves, to our breath, and with the time we're going through we need it so badly. So thank you again, and lots of love from France. Pascale
Just Perfect! Thank you Mychal ;)
William Krause
1st viideo ... WOW.I have dome some yin yoga.. still a beginner, the instruction and pace were great!! so glad my friend Hollie K sent me the link!!!!
So nice. Thank you. The pace, the flow is so mindful. I would be very grateful if you could offer us a similar program for intermediates.
Great practice. Mychal´s energy is inspiring.
very nice flow to beginners!!! Thank you for teaching me!!!
I appreciated this pace. Thankyou.
This class is smooth like butter. Sooooo soothing :)
LOVE this class, thank you so much Mychal!! The sweaty, butt-kicking classes are great, but sometimes I need this type of slow, gentle flow. I hope you can share a 60-minute class like this as well!
loved it !!! a reminder of how flow should be :)
This, by far, is the best class I have taken. I have been in Pilates classes for 15 years but only the last 2 years in yoga. The slow pace and detailed description of each movement in this class is perfect. Just like Pilates, if one doesn’t perform the movement correctly, a lot of the benefit is lost. The instructor in this class gives detailed breathing instructions along with movement instructions. So wonderful! I know you have many members that are new to yoga. More classes like this will help your customer base grow! Thank you so much for this class!
So good to finally see a beginners flow, beautifully designed sequence!