Attitude at the Edge

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.<b>Attitude</b> at the Edge.
Attitude at the Edge
Led by: Chris Walker
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
Strong Flow
All Levels
Power Yoga
30 Minutes

As humans, we are in control of very little. As much as we try to control life, it is going to happen. What we do have control over in any situation is our attitude. When life is going along smoothly, it’s easy to have a good attitude, but what happens when life gets edgy? What is your attitude in moments of heightened stress. While in the practice we will come to a number of physical edges. Each one offering an opportunity to choose our attitude.

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Ben Ice
Loved this class. Real, hard yoga with a nice, different perspective. Will return, for sure
Toni Pescud
Awesome, strong, short, sweet & mindful...namaste :)
I enjoy so much your so human and clear way of teaching us how to do the best we can. thank you!!
Erik Veenstra
Nice & fun class, not too tough, not too soft. Queer & edgy, just the way we like it! New favourite, will probably come back to this.
First time I have done one of Chris's classes - really enjoyed it - delivered what it promised and a nice combo of moves. The only thing I would say is the transitions between asanas was quite fast, maybe fine once I have done this class a couple of times. Loved the attitude and approach Thank you!
Looking forward to more classes!
Jennifer Cevik
I'm so glad you are here! I really enjoyed your class!! Thank you
Martha Ledesma
Love it!!! I found correcting myself on some wrong moves I was doing. Thank you!!
I loved this class. Welcome Chris, I am grateful to learn from you! I would love to see more classes from Chris and 60 minute classes as well. Loved the OMing and what felt like a fresh take on asana. Thank you thank you thank you. Loved it 🙏
Stephanie Smits
I loved this class with Chris, the whole sequence, his instructions and the edginess. And of course loved that he included Half Moon, my absolute favourite Asana. Hopefully we will get many more classes with him!
This 30 minutes with Chris was amazing. LOVED IT!
Lovely class. Vibe and humour. Did not understand the cues at several time, could have been a bit clearer so you don't have to get out of the pose to look at him.
Rosana Cohen
WOW!!! Thank you
Buenísima! Thank you Chris -
Nicola Crumley
Loved it!
Denise Velasco
Thank you for an excellent practice, Chris! I didn't want to get into anything too intense, but I wanted something challenging. I've been going Travis's flows, and I'm sore, so this was GREAT. I enjoy your instructions. Keep up the excellent work! :)
Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift of yoga. This practice was exactly what I needed in the moment. Blessings to you.