Always Here

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.Always Here.
Always Here
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
No Props
All Levels
Power Yoga
30 Minutes

If experience is the greatest teacher than this moment is your greatest opportunity to put your practice into action. Alan Watts once said, “The thing you must do with all the feelings you dislike is experience them as deeply as possible.” In this 30 minute power yoga flow you are invited to experience each moment fully. This flow encourages balance by stepping forward and back, evokes openness through the hips with postures such as Floating Pigeon and Malasana, and will move your spine in all 6 directions through a series of flowing forward folds, side stretches and twists for a comprehensive practice of patience and presence.

Filmed at Komaneka at Bisma

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I really enjoyed this class. Thank you for saying you belong to this community during the class. I really needed that kind of support today. ❤️
Lauren ALWAYS manages to sequence perfect classes completely integrated with powerful messages.
I will remember this practice with Lauren, because it was the first time that I shot back into a chaturanga after crow pose! Thank you Lauren and ID TV for such great content!
Beautiful flow ❤️
Amazing! This class is a brilliant jewel. So much in 30 minutes. Thank you, Lauren ❤️
Wild-Herness Aerialist
I'm glad I tried this class! It had good flow, was different, unique and challenged me in some new ways. I feel more energized and I love the balancing poses! I'm a yoga teacher and sometimes, quite often, I feel tempted to skip my practice or even doubt myself as an instructor. Travis and Lauren have been a big reason that I keep showing up. Every time I do one of their practices, I am reminded why I keep doing yoga. It fills me up. It re-energizes me. It helps me to recalibrate my internal compass more in alignment with my values and less on what other people think I "should" be investing my time and energy into. I often feel like I "should" be doing all of these other things. Like my work should look differently. Then I do one of these classes and am reminded, THIS is my work. This is how I tap into that creative life force energy flow. When other's around me are not into yoga as much as me (like my husband), it can feel tempting to follow his lead and go for the coffee first, then start ticking down the To-Do list. I recognize that yoga is not on everyone else's To-Do list and sometimes I get the vibe that others think I spend to much time doing self care. People should not feel guilty for doing yoga. This is a good reminder not to let other people's lack of a morning self care routine knock me off balance. Keep showing up. I also feel more confident afterward & it nourishes this passion that I have. I feel inspired to continue stepping up as an ambassador for Yoga, health, the earth, nurturing the Self and physical fitness. Leaning more into the energy & earth I am cultivating for the next 7 generations.
Perfect. The words and movement all perfect!
Perfect in every sense.
I cried in Savasana when you said "Yoga teaches us how to live".. What a beautiful, intentionally sequenced, challenging flow, accompanied by your gentle encouragement. So much in 30 minutes!
Lauren is absolutely incredible! I’ve been using Inner Dimension for years, and she never ceases to amaze and inspire me. Her flows, attitude, and talks exceed my expectations. Thanks, Lauren!
Another amazing and engaging flow from Lauren. Feeling renewed and energized in body and mind, and part of nature as the spring rain slowly falls on the Aegean shores of Greece.
Perfect but very jealous of the location as Im in New Zealand Arrowtown as its 7 degrees here a 16:00
This was sublime and a real test for me after more than a week break from classes. 30 minutes was just what I needed.
Super fun and creative 30 min flow that indeed kept a deep sense of presence and joy!
That was a magical 30 minutes! I especially enjoyed the full circle into wild thing and the mandala style of moving around on the mat. 🙏
Thank you Lauren!!! What a beautiful practice...30mins just zipped by
Wonderful class! I didn’t miss a moment.🙏🏼