All Around Flow

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.<b>All Around</b> Flow.
All Around Flow
Led by: Byron De Marse
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

All Around Flow is an intelligently-designed flow, sequenced around the building blocks of power yoga. If you’re looking for a class that will allow you to move at your own pace, this is it. You’ll sweat and melt simultaneously!

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Thank you so much, Byron! You are an amazing teacher ! I love all of your classes, but this one,add one isometric flow, and yoga ballet flow are my favourite. They are so easy to follow , strong and relaxing at same time . They are my regular classes. I do them every week and never have enough!
Dr. Sabrina Schmitz
Thank you Byron :). I feel deep gratitude that you allow space for my own time. Most of the courses teach breathing too fast for me and then I get out of synch with the choreography. But my breathing is naturally slower so this class was wonderful. If I can request some more like these, they are highly appreciated. πŸ™πŸ» from Bali Ubud
Henriette Curtz Jansen
So easy to follow - and so satisfying! Flowing movements, strong and blissful. Thank you Byron.
Byron's Class is a slow burn that allows you to focus on your Yoga and is not filled with constant chatter and psuedo philosophy. He puts the Inner back into Inner Dimension.
Lucy-Ann Prideaux
The best class I am yet to do on IDTV... and I have done loads and loads! I love all the teachers here, but Byron.... Oh m..., my heart is lost to you ;) Thank you so very much xx
No other words to describe this practice than 'beautiful'! Thanks Byron!
Jazel Peterzell
We love all Byron's classes. This flow is so great for us athletic yogis who need to slow down. Absolutely one of our favorite classes. Thanks for all the great work, Byron.
Justin Shilton
Very enjoyable, meditative, and challenging in interesting ways.
Lovely flow. Suitable for all levels as Byron explains how to move into each pose. He also encourages to go at your own pace. Will definitely return to this video.Thank you.
An absolute gem! Going with your own pace, Bryon gives you so much freedom to do so. Relaxing, complete practise.
Thank you Byron for this nice and warm practice, your clues are precious, and I love the pace in which we moved. I’ll come back to this practice regularly.
This is a special practice. Thank you Byron!
Rosana Cohen
A very powerfull practice wiht Byron a wonderful instructor. I learned so much on this practice that involves all of the beautiful asanas. Thank you Byron and looking forward to see more of your classes in ID!
Really nice - it was good to mix up the flows like that - thank you Byron
What a delight to find Byron's practices on ID! I have enjoyed all his Yoga on PY and really love these practices too. More please. Thank you!
Susan Gaudreau
A wonderful intuitive practice. Just what I needed for a cold winter afternoon up here in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Merci!!!! Tres beau classe!
Great practice! Felt warmed and dove deep into the flow. I’m looking Byron up now on IG. πŸ™