108 Sun Salutations

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.108 Sun Salutations.
108 Sun Salutations
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
Power Yoga
45 Minutes

You’ve made it to day 108. Incredible! You have one last final class to complete before you are officially Leveled Up. Let the sweat and gratitude flow!

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Afternoon guys and girls.... Hove, UK .... lockdown .... 2 hours working out how to fix my computer .... and then a complete switch to 108 salutations with you all ... can't believe I finished it (without having to pause to go to the loo!!) ... it was incredibly inspiring .... and emotional .... had a little cry at the end with shear relief and joy ... thank you so much Travis and crew ... brilliant!! xx
wow thanks for throwing in the chair pose at the end...geez
Just amazing ! I am doing a May 2020 challenge 500 sun salutations in May for charity. This was so good . I felt so emotional at the end and felt so happy for you guys finishing the program for real. Brilliant session! Thank you 🙏
I enjoyed it so much! The vibe and that music really helped to finish it till the end! Thanks a lot