The Meaning
of Soul

“This album has been a long time in the making. Years ago I stepped into my first yoga class in Santa Monica with Govindas. Fortunately, as my first yoga teacher he introduced me to the powerful practice of mantra, chanting and kirtan. Just as a yoga pose purifies the body, and a mantra purifies the mind, kirtan purifies the heart! The intention behind this project has been to take the power of Sanskrit mantra and put it into a ‘stadium rock n roll’ format because for me, they are both larger than life!! Whether you are practicing yoga, meditating, celebrating or taking a road trip I hope that this music will uplift your experience….”

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Track Listing

Chamundaye Prelude (3:13)
Ganesha (11:17)
Siya Vajra Ram (5:44)
Lakshmi (5:58)
Chamundaye Full (5:49)
Gayatri (5:39)
Bolo Hanuman (6:57)
Radhe (4:46)
Hare Krishna (8:45)

(Total Time: 59mins)

Album Credits

Produced by Howie Hersh and Travis Eliot
Co-produced and Mixed by Jason Shweitzer
Mastered by Bob Lanzer (Techno Voice)

Travis Eliot – vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
Howie Hersh – bass, electric guitar, percussion, keyboard
Jordan Gravely – electric guitar
Ryan Richko – electric guitar
Rob Garland – electric guitar
Tom Farrell -guitar, mandolin
Saya Novinger – vocals
Kelsey Jessup – vocals

Kirtan Response by Noah Christianson, Kelsey Jessup, Honeybee Henderson, Lantana Rayne, Max Whelan, James Whelan and many other amazing souls.

Thanks to the The Village Recorder

Special Thanks: Mom, Dad, Lauren Eckstrom, Lanta and Bodhi, Wayne Bethanis, Sara Ivanhoe, Jai Uttal, Victor Murgatroyd, Jeff Greenberg, Mitch Rouse, Bhakti Yoga Shala, Green Brooms Music School, Marcus Olsen, Byron, Dean and Liz Thorsen, Michael Stebbins, Dahveed, Bryan Kest, Dave Stringer, Govind Das, Saul David Raye, Neem Keroli Baba and all my students!