Level Up 108 Soundtrack

“Writing this soundtrack was a revealing experience for me. Seven years ago back in 2013, I released my first soundtrack “The Ultimate Yogi,” which was my first professional experience as a new composer in LA. I was incredibly lucky that Travis and his production team gave me a chance to prove myself.

Level Up 108 is a direct sequel to The Ultimate Yogi experience. It took me 3 months to write over 700 minutes of music for the program, and another month to mix and master it. The goal with the program and music was to take it to the next level, and do it even better than we did the first time. It was a tall order, and a very difficult one. Travis and I did our best to combine both of our musical inspirations while still paying homage to The Ultimate Yogi sound.

I think we somehow managed to pull it off. I’m really proud of what the whole team has accomplished. It’s interesting to hear and see what we did compared to The Ultimate Yogi back in 2013. There has been so much growth. It’s such a cool feeling to see all the improvements and changes you’ve made along the way. The best thing about being creative, is you never stop learning and growing.

This soundtrack is a collection of the best material pulled from the program. I did my best to create arrangements that are more “listenable” for pure enjoyment. You’ll find many different styles of music in here from cinematic, to rock, to ambient, and even some electronic elements. If you’re a fan of the original Ultimate Yogi soundtrack, you’ll hear some new arrangements of old songs and some familiar little snippets. Most of the material is fresh though.

I truly hope you find something in the score that you enjoy.

Thank you for your love and support. Hopefully we can do this again one day!”
– Ryan

Track Listing

Detox A
Detox B
108 Suns A
108 Suns B
108 Suns C
108 Suns D
Cardio A
Cardio B
Cardio C
Cardio D
Balance A
Balance B
Cross Train A
Cross Train B
Cross Train C
Flexibility A
Flexibility B
Flexibility C
Upper Body Yin
Vitality A
Vitality B
Meditation A
Meditation B
Meditation C
Meditation D
Meditation E
Meditation F
Meditation G

Album Credits

Ryan Richko is a Hollywood Music and Media Award nominated composer for film and video games. In October 2016, Ryan was nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media award for his score to the mobile game “Memory Match and Catch” with fellow nominees Hans Zimmer, Brian Tyler, and Jesper Kyd. He is also a winner of 3 Global Music Awards and his first video game score “Telepath Tactics” made RPGFan.com’s “Music of the Year 2015.”

In 2012, Ryan produced and wrote the music to the yoga dvd series “The Ultimate Yogi,” which was later named the best yoga dvd of 2012. During this time he also scored two multiple award winning short films; “Slate,” which was accepted into the Cannes Short Film Corner, and earned him a best score award at the Sunset Film Festival Los Angeles, and “Sunset Rising: Chapter 0.5 – The Deliverer,” which was released worldwide on IndieFlix and iTunes, and is one of the few short films to get onto iTunes without the help of a major film festival.

Currently Ryan is working on a number of feature film and video game projects with clients from all over the world including Los Angeles, Chicago, Singapore, and Europe. He is also a certified yoga instructor and music educator.