Inner Reflections
July 10, 2023

Wild Yoga Series with Brent

Join Brent in his transformative series, “Wild Yoga – Building to Peak Poses.” Over the course of 28 days, you’ll embark on a journey of mastering inversions and arm balances in 45-minute classes.

Check out a sneak peek of Brent demonstrating the step-by-step process of mastering Mayurasana, also known as Crow Pose, in his Mayurasana class. Get ready to elevate your practice and achieve new heights with Brent’s expert guidance.

Pincha Mayurasana
Take a sneak peek into Brent’s expertise as he demonstrates the step-by-step process of Pincha Mayurasana, emphasizing the importance of engaging your core, maintaining breath awareness, and embracing the journey of trial and reset. Trust the process and join Brent in unlocking new heights in your practice.

In this clip, Brent provides a step-by-step demonstration of Mandalasana, also known as the Spinning Wheel pose, allowing you to learn and conquer this invigorating posture. Embark on this journey with Brent and unlock new levels of strength, flexibility, and accomplishment in your yoga practice.