Inner Reflections
December 18, 2023

Why “Flow and Stretch”

As I pondered ideas for our biggest release of 2023, I immediately knew I wanted to create a yoga program that would help people transform their body into a fountain of youth and at the same time help them command their mind through self-mastery.

I started by asking myself, “what is the source of health, strength and serenity?” The source of all these things is ‘balance.’ The fact is, anything that is imbalanced is weakened. Many aspects of modern living are unfortunately very imbalanced. So, the purpose of the yogic path is to attain balance, never to push the body with extreme force. It is to develop the strength of the entire body as one, not to train just some of the superficial muscles while leaving the internal body weak and frail.

Those who only train the external muscles might look stronger on the outside when younger, but as they get older the body begins to deteriorate with tension, stiffness and weakness. Sadly, you see this with many professional athletes.

Meanwhile, the yogi because of balanced training surges with strength, vigor and energy as they get older. They maintain flexibility, suppleness and inner peace by working in harmony with nature, not against it.

In particular, the true yogi understands the need for a balance between power yoga and yin yoga. Power yoga challenges strength, balance and stamina through dynamic flows. While Yin provides an opportunity to rest, balance the nervous system, calm the mind, and rejuvenate the connective tissues through long deep stretches. I believe this combo is the holy grail to supreme health and vitality and ultimately the reason I created “Flow and Stretch.”

“Flow and Stretch” is a 60-day power and yin yoga program that is all about finding the balance of strength and suppleness, sweat and rest, power and yin. For 60 days you can expect to move through about an hour of yoga each day. You will awaken vigor during power yoga, and dissolve tension and stress during the yin yoga. This program also includes bonus Breath Work, Meditation, and dynamic Core classes along with a digital calendar and booklet.

This yoga program is perfect for intermediate students. Although the classes can be very challenging, the poses are accessible to a wide range of body types and levels. For the next 60 days we will be meeting every day on your yoga mat to train — and by the end of the program when you summit this mountain you will discover tremendous health and longevity!

May this new yoga program guide us down the path of balance, equanimity, and wholeness…see YOU on the mat!

Make sure to check out Flow and Stretch when it starts streaming exclusively on Inner Dimension TV on 12.20.23!

By Travis