Inner Reflections
January 2, 2023

What’s Coming In 2023

In a recent conversation with a yoga studio owner, she reflected on how some studios are requiring teachers to follow the same template for every single class. While this may provide consistency and cohesiveness, as I (Lauren) sat watching Brent and Erin teach wildly unique and different classes coming to you in 2023, I felt my profound gratitude for the deep trust Travis and I have in our IDM TV instructors. 

We’ve chosen each instructor for their expertise as well as the holistic nature of their teachings. We’ve also committed to never editing their voices. This trust means YOU, our beloved community, is on the receiving end of powerful transmissions from diverse teachers without whose voices the totality of your practice would be missing something potent. As I watched these instructors deliver movement, wisdom and authenticity in utterly and completely different ways, I felt so grateful – and so excited for what you will be receiving as an IDM member this year!

This trust means that your IDM TV instructors know that IDM is a safe place where they can grow and expand – not just as teachers but as human beings – just like YOU. And an example of that trust meant even though I’d had specific conversations with Denise and Byron about the themes and content for their 2023 series’, they felt safe enough to call and share new ideas they felt passionate about delivering to you. So we threw our expectations out the window and they created series more powerful than I ever could have imagined for you this year. There were moments as I watched Denise’s classes unfold where I had tears in my eyes. I felt so moved by the practices, messages and images, so get ready.

It’s easy to repeat the same program again and again. It’s easy to return to the same instructor. And while digging one well deep is key to a transformative and effective practice, it can also result in falling into unconscious habits. It can also mean you are left unexposed to new perspectives and therefore not truly working your potential and growing edges. To help you meet your growth this year, we have some exciting content for you to look forward to in 2023. Here’s a sneak peek of all we have been working hard on behind the scenes for you this coming year!

On the last Wednesday of every month, you’ll receive a NEW series from an IDM TV instructor. Starting in January you’ll experience Christine’s “Building a Healthy Spine for Life” complete with five 20-minute practices to build a resilient spine through spinal mobility, strength, and energetic balance. You’ll Learn why mobility is important, why building a stable and healthy core is key, and how finding balance of energetic chakra centers is important to creating a healthy spine. Also included will be a guide to reducing inflammation in your body, which is key to vitality.

Then in February you’ll experience Denise’s amazing and challenging “Girlfriend’s Glow Up,” a combination of powerful 30-minute yoga flows imbued with the importance of sisterhood.

In March Brittany’s new Yin Yoga series “Vital Recharge,” focused on the meridians, will be a true game changer for all of you IDM TV yin yoga lovers. This series, made up of 45-minute classes, will be more than just a yin yoga journey. It will include audio guided meditations, a self-massage practice and a downloadable PDF to educate you on the meridians, which play a key role in the power of yin.

In April you will experience a unique series made up of 60-minute classes from Byron, “Empowerment Yoga,” throughout which he’s interwoven self-inquiry for true transformation, bringing personal development to the mat.

The rest of the year will include series such as Building to a Peak Pose with Brent, Yoga Nidra with Erin, Yoga for Women Over 50 with a focus on hormonal changes with Jenny, a new series from Mychal and our newest teacher Chris Walker plus a 60-minute series from myself called “Trilogy of Strength.” Needless to say, 2023 will be a year to look forward to as an IDM TV member!

Intermixed with all of this are new classes every week from all of our incredible instructors, pre-recorded longer format live classes, plus we are looking forward to filming in Bali with Paul, Byron, Chris, Travis and Lauren in the fall for some very inspiring classes and series.

And, of course, do not worry, you will also receive a new program from Travis before the year ends!!

The same feels safe, but it’s a false sense of security. New can be scary, unpredictable and uncertain, but these are almost always the places where the magic happens. So in 2023 get ready because there is magic coming to IDM TV created just for you.

In the meantime, below are some already existing amazing series from our wonderful instructors. If you’re not yet a subscriber, make sure to join now with code INTENTION to get 30% off your first year, sign up here!

By Lauren