Inner Reflections
April 25, 2022

The Secret Formula to a Transformational Yoga Class

Have you ever wondered what makes a yoga class powerful, inspiring and transformational? Have you ever wondered WHY Inner Dimension TV classes leave a different imprint on your body, mind, heart and life?

Well, there’s actually a formula behind that magic and in our new 50 hour online Advanced Yoga Sequencing Training we are giving you all of the ingredients so you too can create classes that take your students on a transformational journey.

Many years ago, Lauren was getting certified to teach yoga to a special demographic. We were about to publish our book Holistic Yoga Flow: The Path of Practice. Upon seeing the book, the teacher said to her, “why would you ever publish a book that gives away the secret to what makes your classes so special?” Lauren was stunned, speechless. She looked at them and said, “why wouldn’t we?”

We want everyone to know what we know; we want everyone who has the passion and desire to teach or better understand Holistic Yoga Flow to have the skills to do so and our new 50 hour Advanced Yoga Sequencing Training is the next step in the journey. In this training we hold nothing back and give you all of the information behind what makes our classes so powerfully special because we believe the more people who are teaching and practicing yoga in the world, the more we will all benefit as a human collective. We believe in abundance consciousness and we want you to be empowered to share your unique teaching voice with the world because the world needs what you have to offer. And, if you’re not a yoga teacher, this training will give you insights, perspective and understanding that will deepen your personal practice leading to even greater embodiment both on and off the mat.

During this training you will move through 35 lectures and 12 thematic masterclasses. You will learn our 7 entry points for sequencing a yoga class ranging from movement principle to peak pose, subtle anatomy to yoga philosophy, and so much more. You will learn how to take the same sequence and make it accessible to beginners then learn how to evolve that same sequence for intermediate practitioners. We will walk you through the dynamic and exciting process of combining different styles of yoga to create healing, holistic classes that combine gentle yoga, yin yoga, myofascial release and restorative yoga to help you fill out your teaching toolbox to ensure you are able to provide support to students across a diverse range of bodily abilities and life circumstances.

But most importantly, we will teach you the 10-step formula that makes sequencing an inspiring yoga class accessible and easy to replicate again and again. This 10-step formula is the magic ingredient which breaks our specific style of sequencing down into bite-size pieces helping you to create your own, unique classes integrating the holistic elements which will elevate the transformational power of your teachings. And again, whether you are a yoga teacher or a passionate student of yoga, these lessons will support your evolution as you deepen your practice.

Whether you want to learn how to sequence more effectively or you want to learn how to incorporate the holistic elements of meditation, pranayama, subtle anatomy, yoga philosophy, stories and quotes into your classes, this training has something for every passionate student of yoga. Plus, your training comes with a comprehensive downloadable training manual. You can go at your own pace, begin anytime, and take your teachings to an entirely new level.

For a limited time, you can use the code ACADEMY20 and save 20% off on our newest 50 hour Advanced Yoga Sequencing Training PLUS you can use that same code to save 20% off on ALL of our online trainings on Inner Dimension Academy

This training is recommended for students who have completed a 200-hour teacher training. And, if you did not complete your 200-hour teacher training with Inner Dimension Academy, we strongly recommend that you first complete Part I of our online Holistic Yoga Flow teacher training as there are foundational elements we cover in that 30 hour training which are key to this advanced module.

We can’t wait to share this journey with you and we look forward to all of the ways you will spread these teachings across the world. Start now and together let’s change the world one class at a time.

by Lauren