Inner Reflections
February 13, 2023

The Many Flavors Of Love

As the saying goes, “love is a many-splendored thing.” But with every high comes a low and with every beginning, eventually, comes an ending. Marking the end of a yoga program, such as Yoga 45 for 45 (can you believe our official first rotation ends tomorrow, on Valentine’s Day!), can be exhilarating and disappointing. You might be proud of yourself for making a commitment and seeing it through while wondering, “what’s next?” and grieving the end of a journey that cannot be repeated in the same exact way again. And this is love.

Love has many colors and flavors ranging from ecstasy to grief. One of my favorite sayings comes from author Elizabeth Lesser who writes, “grief is leftover love.” So as we approach Valentine’s Day I encourage you to honor your unique relationship with this manufactured holiday and I invite you to move beyond the mind of comparison. Your current relationship with love will not look like anyone else’s. You might be in the throes of new love, you might find yourself nurturing a broken heart from the loss of a partnership or a loved one, or you might be relishing blissful independence. Whatever your experience of love is at this moment, it is valid, beautiful, and worthy of celebrating.

And, wherever you find yourself on Valentine’s Day, Inner Dimension TV has practices to support you whether that’s in a moment of joy or sorrow.

Moving through grief?
Try “Grief Is Grace” with IDM TV teacher Erin Rose Ward.

Looking for support in your current relationship?
Try this Wisdom Talk with Lauren and Travis.

Wondering what to do now that you’ve completed Yoga 45 for 45? Below are some recommendations depending on where you are:

Yoga 45 for 45 was intense! I’d like something more chill and relaxed.
Try Root to RiseMeditation in MotionVinyasa-lessMiofascial Yin YangSleep WellFlexibility & Beyond.

More power the better! How can I continue on?
Try Fierce GraceTransformPY 108Yoga Detox 30Level Up 108Journey to Yoga.

I love the format of Yoga 45 for 45, but am strapped for time.
Try Yoga 30 for 30EmpoweredElements of Power YogaAwakening the ChakrasA Life of GratitudeFlow & Go.

Can I have it all?
Try The Complete PracticePower/Yin/RestoreStackedHalf-Day Online Retreat.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Feel free to explore for yourself through our search function or reach out for a personal recommendation from our Customer Manager, Kristie here – we guarantee she will respond to every request for a recommendation. Be inspired, be consistent and continue to be the change!

With love and gratitude,
Travis, Lauren & the Inner Dimension Team