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October 17, 2022

The Chakras: Energy Centers to Awaken your Self-Awareness

Learning about the chakras can be such a fun way to explore our body’s energies on a deeper level. So I’d like to share with you how we can understand the chakras a bit more and bring our exploration of them into our daily lives.

The seven main chakras (pronounced chuh-krah) are like our body’s energy converters, and they have the ability to shift our vibration and the frequency at which we show up in the world. And they each correlate to physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves.  Pretty cool, huh?

The Sanskrit word chakra can be translated to “wheel of light” or “energy center” and they can be seen as regions in the body with higher concentrations of energy. It is said that the seven major chakras are housed along the main energy channel of the physical and spiritual body, which is known as the Shushumna Nadi. The Shushumna Nadi can be viewed as our main energy highway in the body and runs along the central axis of the spine.

You can think of these chakras as starting at the base of the spine and working their way up through the crown of the head along this central energy channel, each chakra feeding one another. The chakras are a part of our subtle body in the layer of Pranamayakosha or the “Energy Body” and simply by bringing awareness to the chakras (individually or as a system), we can help to direct vital energy to these powerful energy transformers.

The chakras are said to be created by the intersection of the ida and pingala nadis or more simply understood as the lunar and solar energetic pathways.
The ida and pingala are the “right and left” energy lines that cross paths with one another through the chakras at the shushumna nadi. Are you still with me? 🙂

The ida and pingala nadis can be seen as the play between yin and yang. The dance between calm and activation. This balance of nourishment and vitality. And through the mingling and balancing of these complimentary energetic streams, the chakras transmute energy from lower to higher vibrations.

So when we bring a conscious awareness to these energy centers and practice postures that encourage an open flow of energy, a beautiful shift in our entire being begins to take place.

Let’s take a look at each of these seven chakras from the Root to the Crown and begin to understand the energies each one represents:

1. ROOT CHAKRA – Muladhara
Connected to the Earth element and the Physical Self, the color Red
When in balance, basic needs are met, feel grounded and safe.
Qualities: Security, Courage, Strength

2. SACRAL CHAKRA – Svadhisthana
Connected to the Water element and the Emotional Self, the color Orange
When in balance, healthy relationship to intimacy with self and others, creativity is unblocked.
Qualities: Joy, Limitlessness, Sweetness, Fluidity, Receptivity and Creativity

Connected to the Fire element and the Mental Self, the color Yellow
When in balance, we have a strong, positive role within our community and are connected with our inner personal power.
Qualities: Clarity, Self-Esteem, Curiosity, Action, Manifestation & Personal Power

4. HEART CHAKRA- Anahata
Connected to the Air element and Unconditional Love, the color Green
When in balance, we have a great capacity for love, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion and kindness.
Qualities: Harmony, Understanding, Healthy relationships with self and others, and Balance

5. THROAT CHAKRA- Vishuddha
Connected to the element of Space or Ether and Holistic Thought, the color Blue
When in balance, we are able to freely express our feelings and truth to the world. And we’re able to communicate in healthy ways.
Qualities: Truth, Loyalty, Communication and Health

Connected to the element of Light and the Unconditional Self, the color Purple
When in balance, we are calm, centered and connected to our higher guiding force. It’s a space where we can be open to receiving wisdom that we may not hear in our day to day lives but that resides within us. Qualities: Intuition, Understanding, Insight, Open-mindedness, & Trusting inner wisdom

7. CROWN CHAKRA- Sahasrara
Connected to the element of Spirit and is considered to be the highest spiritual center and the state of pure consciousness, where everything is connected – everything is one, where we detach from ego, transcends all colors and can be represented by White or Light
When in balance, we are connected to the source of all life, we feel a sense of freedom, we have an understanding of who we are beyond the physical self
Qualities: Sense of Knowingness, connection with something greater, Oneness

Phew! Although there is a lot of information here to digest, this is just scratching the surface of what each of these energy centers has to offer us and the energies we can tap into in order to level up our vibrations.

Everytime we have the opportunity to understand ourselves on a deeper level, an awakening within our soul can occur. I hope the information and practices I share with you create the space for you to awaken to your highest vibrations within.

If you’re interested in exploring a deeper relationship with each of your seven chakras through movement, mantra, breathwork, journaling and meditation, check out my series Awakening the Chakras. And feel free to reach out and let me know what you notice!

awakening the chakras
by Brittany