Inner Reflections
April 13, 2020

The 6 DIMENSIONS Meditation

As humans beings we are much more than just a physical body. Many of the wisdom cultures viewed humans as being multi-dimensional.

In this meditation, Travis will guide you through an experiential journey of the 6 Human Dimensions — body, energy, mind, heart, awareness and soul.

Hope you enjoy!

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[The following is the full transcript of this episode of “The BE ULTIMATE Podcast.” Please note that this is direct from Travis speaking unscripted and unedited.]

Hi. This is Travis Eliot, and welcome to the “Six Dimensions” meditation.

In this meditation, we will move through the six human dimensions composing the body, energy, mind, heart, awareness, and soul.

Go ahead and find a comfortable seated position. Allow the eyes to close, feeling yourself beginning to settle into these opening moments of your meditation practice today. Best as can be, allow the events of the day to begin to fade away, feeling yourself landing and arriving into this moment right here, right now.

Now we’ll move through the first dimension of the body.

Go ahead and bring your awareness to the area of your face and your head. See if you can be present to any sensation that you feel in this particular area of your body.

You may notice some sensations are pleasurable and other sensations are maybe challenging or difficult, tension, tightness, soreness, heat, and perhaps other sensations that feel neutral in between.

See if you can bring a non-judgmental awareness to the sensations that you feel knowing that sensations arise and inevitably pass away.

From here, shift the attention down to the area of your throat and your neck. What do you feel here in this particular area of the body?


Good. And then now bring the awareness down to your shoulders, your upper arms, all the way down to the elbows. Continue to move the awareness down the forearms all the way down to the wrist, the hands, and the fingers.


Good. And then from here, bring your awareness up to your chest to the region of your heart. And notice, does your chest, does your heart feel open, spacious? Or perhaps today it feels more closed off, contracted, or tight, or again, somewhere in between.


Still maintaining that non-judgmental awareness, now moving your attention down to your belly.


From here, place your attention all the way to your upper back. The base of the neck, the upper shoulders, the traps. Just being present of what you feel in this particular terrain of your body.


Slowly move the attention all the way down towards the middle of the back between the shoulder blades all the way down into the lower back eventually allowing the attention to move down into the sacrum and the tailbone.


Place your focus now in the area of your hips, perhaps making contact with your seat. Notice where you feel any pressure. And notice where you feel any other sensations arise.


Good. And then slowly move the awareness down the legs, the thighs, the hamstrings, and down into the knees.


And then allow the awareness to move down the shins and the calves all the way down towards the ankles. And eventually all the way down into the feet and the toes.


And then lastly, for this physical dimension, just feeling the whole entire body as one unified, connected form.


Beautiful. Now we’ll move into the second dimension which is the energy dimension. And we’ll connect into this dimension by bringing the awareness now to the movement of breath connected to our energy, our life force.

So begin by noticing the breath naturally coming in and out through your nose. And with presence and with awareness, know when you’re taking an inhale and then when you’re releasing an exhale. See if you can be mindful of the breath that you receive in and then mindful of the breath that you gently let go.


Feel free to keep the attention of the breath moving in and out through the nose or an option to allow your awareness move to where you feel the breath the most. Sometimes we might feel it in the area of the chest. Other times we might feel it more down in the belly. And sometimes we feel it most predominantly still at the nose. Wherever you feel it the most, hold your attention and hold your focus with your breath interacting with that specific place and location.


And nice and easily just allow that connection to the breath to slowly loosen its grip.


Beautiful. Now we’ll move into the third dimension, the dimension of the mind. See if you can bring a loving attention and awareness to the thoughts that may be moving in and out of your mind, thoughts that arise out of the void and then thoughts that eventually disappear back into the void. Almost like waves that arise on the ocean of the mind and then waves that inevitably pass away.

When the wave of thought passes away, notice how the mind becomes quiet and still. Or other meditations, the waves seem to be more stormy and continuous, and that’s okay too. Whatever your experience is is totally fine. Practice being aware of these thoughts, honed into this dimension of the mind.


As these thoughts continue to come and go, notice how you have the ability and the capacity to not get swept away within the thinking.

So in other words, you’re not getting caught within the web of thoughts, the virtual reality of thinking. With wisdom, you begin to realize the impermanence and ephemeral nature of these thoughts. So be the vastness of the ocean, the spaciousness of the ocean, and continue to allow the waves to come and to go.


Good. And then easily we’ll transition into the fourth dimension of the heart — the home of emotions and feelings.

Similar to how we worked with the waves of thoughts, we can also bring that same technique and approach to how we work with the waves of emotions and feelings.

You might ask yourself right now internally, “What am I feeling right now? Or what does my heart long to express?”

Perhaps I’ve been so busy or so consumed by external noise and stimulation that what I’m feeling within my heart has been suppressed or neglected or ignored. Almost like a child yearning for their parent to listen, to see them, feel yourself connecting to the realness of this moment of what it is that you’re feeling emotionally right now. But in the same way the thoughts are impermanent, these emotions also are impermanent. Simply watch and observe with non-judgmental, loving awareness.


You might notice how the emotions shift and change like colors, purple moving to green, green moving to red, red moving to orange, orange moving to yellow, and so on. Sometimes the emotions swell in greater intensity, and then they pass. Other days, for whatever reason, emotionally, we feel maybe more numb, more neutral, and that’s okay too.

There’s nothing you need to force to make happen. And if anything, it’s really the opposite. It’s the technique of non-grasping, of letting go. In yoga, we call it aparigraha.

So, let go and let yourself just be with whatever emotion is there and however it continues to manifest.


Good. Now we’ll move into the fifth dimension, the dimension of awareness, sometimes described as the witness, or the seer, or the one who knows.

Imagine right now you’re stepping out of a river. And as you step onto the banks of the river, the contents of the river is a mixture of those physical sensations, of the breath and the energy, of the thoughts, and of the emotions. So in this dimension, we step out of the river, and we just watch and observe.


Beautiful. And then from here, see if you can step out even further, widen the lens and the scope of perspective and now become aware of the awareness. See the seer.


Beautiful, you guys.

Now still holding the same place that you’re connected into, I’d like to invite you, if possible, to recline back.

Lay the body down into a relaxing, comfortable position. Allow the body to settle, to be supported by the ground or the earth. And then allow yourself to fully, fully relax. As we now come into the last sixth dimension, the dimension of soul.

This is the dimension that fire cannot burn, that wind cannot blow, that Earth cannot crush, and water cannot wet. This dimension is beyond time, place, and space, formless, eternal, timeless, and limitless. For these last few minutes, just let all things dissolve away and rest in the power of stillness and soul.


From that dimension of the soul, slowly, easily come back to the dimension of awareness. And then from the dimension of awareness, slowly return back to the dimension of your heart. From your heart, slowly feel the presence of your mind.


From your mind, come back to an awareness of energy throughout the whole entire body, and that effortless movement of breath coming in and out through your nose. And then lastly, feel yourself landing and arriving back to the earth of your physical body being held and supported.

From here, go ahead and reach your arms up over your head towards the back, interlace the fingers, turn the palms inside out, and as you stretch back to the arms, stretch forward through your feet, through your toes. Enjoy a nice, good full-body stretch.

Good. Reach the hands forward, grab the shins, draw the thighs into your belly. And then nice and gently, go ahead and roll your way all the way up to a final comfortable seated position. And as you get up to seated, bring your hands to prayer position in front of your chest, in front of your heart as a gesture of honoring, honoring your practice, honoring yourself, and honoring the sacredness and the beauty and the magnificence of this life.

As you prepare to move into the rest of your day, see if you can bring this awareness of the body, your energy, your thoughts, your mind, your heart, your awareness, and your soul with you throughout the entire rest of your day.

Thank you for your practice. See you next time