Inner Reflections
March 18, 2024

Spring is the time for Detox

Many of us begin the year with clarity coming out of the gate with strong intentions and solid boundaries to help us put the life, health, and vitality we most desire into motion. Yet, as the first few weeks slink by, those boundaries that helped you achieve your intentions start to slip. 

Suddenly the work hours sneak into family time. The time you carved out for meditation, yoga, and exercise begins to shrink or disappears entirely as other obligations become seemingly more important. As we prepare to enter into the spring season, a time for renewal and reflection, where do you find yourself on this continuum? Could you use a little loving self-discipline to help get your vision and values back on track? 

This is exactly why we created Yoga Detox 30, a 30-day yoga program complete with daily 60-minute yoga practices followed by a short but impactful talk supported by journal prompts to help you shift back into gear. Ready to drop the alcohol, a habit of self-criticism, or a relationship that is no longer serving you? Yoga Detox 30 is the perfect program to support you in making actionable, sustainable changes off your mat and in your life while also deepening your physical practice. And spring is the perfect time to begin again.

In case inspiring to you, here’s what people have said about their experience in moving through this program: 

“I feel so happy as if anything could happen. I feel I have freed myself from those bad habits that have always led me to take the wrong step or not do it right, because of fear, because of laziness or because I didn’t feel up to face it. I want to thank you for your support, and I want to thank Travis, Lauren and everyone who made this journey possible. I recommend this program to everyone, I feel reborn. Of course, this is just the beginning for me, now I am more motivated to spend more energy moving forward.”

“I joined this program on Monday. Just after 4 days I sleep better, feel more relaxed and powerful. Thank you! I am also working on the workbook and making some progress here. Your daily tasks make it clear where the journey is going to. We are not talking about some bad habits. You want to lead us much deeper and discover the very beginning of these habits in our mind. This makes the 30-Day Detox very powerful. I love it.”
Anna, Germany

“Wow thank you so much for this beautiful program. I started together with you on the 20th and I am loving this program. Day 3 today really touched me Lauren, you really talked directly to my heart and I was embracing everything in your practice and afterwards I felt amazing and so much better within myself. I also love that you created that workbook, it is always so helpful to write thoughts etc. down. And my partner is joining me with my detox diet which makes it easier for me, if we can always eat the same things. So far all your dishes have been really tasty. Thank you so much.”

If you haven’t started already, I highly recommend you start a rotation of Yoga Detox 30 this Spring!

Detox Yoga Program

By Lauren