Inner Reflections
September 11, 2023

PY 108 Rotation

Have you signed up for our epic PY 108 official rotation starting this Thursday? If you haven’t already, here’s a note from Travis that’s sure to inspire you to accept this challenge!

Why PY 108
Power Yoga 108 is much more than your typical fitness program. PY 108 is about a timeless theme. The theme of moving from division into unity, transforming weaknesses into strengths, transforming fear into courage, and transforming darkness through the crucible of light. It’s about no longer being a victim to the things outside of you, but being empowered by the wisdom that exists inside of you. It’s about breaking through all limitations and reclaiming your limitless power.

With PY108, I’m going to take you on an epic journey. I’m going to provide you a very clear roadmap of how to maximize your experience. One of the greatest mistakes that many of us make when it comes to transformation is not committing long-term. We’re just dabbling here and there – but for true change, you need to be consistent and being part of a long-term program like PY 108 will have true impact.

Envision a body both strong and supple, a mind both clear and calm, and a spirit both alive and awakened. Every day for 108 days straight, we are going to train every dimension of you. And there’s only two mistakes that you can make on this path, not getting started and not going all the way. 

Are you ready?

Accept The Challenge