Inner Reflections
April 22, 2020
Episode 65

Power Yoga “Prana” | Day 3 Digital Retreat

Welcome to Day 3 Power Yoga “Prana” (90min.) and the “Breath” Meditation (20min.)!!!

Power Yoga “Prana”
Whew! This 90-minute power yoga class definitely stokes the fire and will pranify your entire system. Prepare for a creative and action-packed routine. Highlights include 3D pushups in between Sun Salutation As, Crescent Series, Horse Stance Tai Chi and the Wheel of Vitality.

“Breath” Meditation
Focusing on the breath is one of the oldest and most powerful meditation practices on the planet. Your breath is always with you. It can be accessed anytime as a way to open the mind to presence and calmness. In this meditation we will focus on the breath dancing with the nose, chest and belly.
If you value a steady, clear and focused mind, then this meditation is perfect for you!

Excited to share this week long digital retreat with you.

These classes are also available on my YouTube channel if you prefer a visual reference to instructions.

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See YOU on the mat!
-Travis Eliot

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