Inner Reflections
April 24, 2020
Episode 67

Power Yoga “Humble Warrior” | Day 5 Digital Retreat

Welcome to Day 5 Power Yoga “Humble Warrior” (90min.) and the “Courage” Meditation (20min.)!!!

Power Yoga “Humble Warrior”
In this power yoga class Travis starts you with a smooth transition into the flow. After moving through circular arms Sun Salutation As, and a Humble Warrior flow, the heart will be pumping and the blood flowing. Prepare to move through a reverse prayer standing pose series that is medicine for the shoulders and wrists. Toward the end of the class Travis sneaks in a little bit of core exercise before winding you down for Shavasana.

“Courage” Meditation
Courage can be defined as taking conscious action despite feeling afraid or vulnerable. The call to courage can also mean standing up for what you believe in, even though you may feel anxious and uncertain about the consequences. But sometimes, being courageous doesn’t always come naturally. It can require cultivation, and in this meditation, you will learn how to manage fear and anxiety that arises and to help you show up in your most empowered, strong, courageous way.

Excited to share this week long digital retreat with you.

These classes are also available on my YouTube channel if you prefer a visual reference to instructions.

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See YOU on the mat!
-Travis Eliot

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