Inner Reflections
January 8, 2024


We often find ‘change’ a scary thing. Although we know that life is in constant flow and forward momentum, when we think of something coming in to change our routines and our habits, or threatening to change what we know and how we see the world, we can react with fear and negativity. We feel safe in the perceived permanence of our lives, believing that any suggestion of flux, impermanence, or transformation must necessarily be for the worst.

But the impermanence of things is what makes them most beautiful! Everything around us is always transforming—day to night, season to season, full moon to new moon; the oceans and the seas, the sand dunes in our deserts, the earth beneath our feet—everything shifts. Everything follows its flow. Our own bodies are always in motion: the very act of breathing is the transformation of oxygen into energy, and our movement is the transformation of thought into action!

Our lives are like a constantly evolving dance, from one emotion to another, through one song to another or like a flowing, shifting yoga sequence, working our way from one state of mind to another, through one pose to another. Each new dance, each new pose, builds on the last but remains distinct. We see where we have come from, but where we are now is unique, and there is no telling where we’ll end up! We can sit with the feelings of discomfort knowing that we will pass through them, and we must rejoice in the love and happiness which act like a true north, a cardinal direction to which we can always return no matter where our flow takes us.

Being able to enter that flow and respect where it takes us, having the awareness to honor ourselves wherever we are in our dance, is the key to finding peace and fulfillment. To be able to do this, we must accept that nothing can stay as it is. Stasis is unnatural. Like the Earth herself, we are always shifting from one season to another. Transformation and growth are what life is made of, after all!

Below are some recommended practices to help you embrace the impermanence and full flow of life:

The Spacious Awareness Meditation

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By Jenny