Inner Reflections
June 13, 2022

Fruit Of The Spirit

Our yoga practice reminds us that we are multidimensional beings. The practice of caring for your mind, body and soul are foundational wellness principles of yoga philosophy. Some of us find fulfillment in living one’s life solely based on yogic teachings. Whereas others, like myself, are also rooted in additional spiritual text/traditions as the compass for the way we treat ourselves and others. There are so many methods to love, care for and know yourself – thankfully, as I believe our wellness practices can be as unique as we are.

With that being said, “The Fruit of the Spirit” (Galatians 5:22-23), has been a guiding force for me throughout my life journey. I’m happy to share these qualities that help inform my perspective and responses to doing life with honor and integrity in our modern day world. I hope the reminder to plant seeds of qualities that you would like to bear the fruit of in your life and in your relationships helps support you today.

Love –

Love for people as the impetus of our thoughts, words and actions are necessary to shape a world that provides safety and inclusion for us all. I often ask myself, am I doing this for my love of people & humanity or am I doing this to be loved or idolized by people? Are my actions pure in intention to serve and benefit the collective? Or am I doing this for a reward?

Joy –

Life can be full of bricks and bouquets. I strive to practice a posture of joy that is unshakeable, regardless of circumstance. It’s not always easy, but a joyful perspective can make any challenge easier to navigate.

Peace –

I believe a peaceful demeanor can foster courage. Choosing peace honors your inward courage and can fuel your next steps, whatever they may be. Fear induces panic, peace incites strength.

Patience –

I have learned to practice patience as I develop relationships, skills and intentions. Being motivated by purpose driven action helps me avoid becoming attached to a specific path or outcome. I have arrived at a destination I’ve visualized playing out differently than anticipated and have found myself pleasantly surprised in the end. Patience has helped me trust the process when detours or delays arise. And, as we know life’s curveballs can and do come in hot sometimes! Be patient and stay the course. What is meant for you will find you at the appointed time.

Kindness –

Am I caring with whom I meet? Am I consistent in loving all living beings and acknowledging that everyone I encounter is a Divine Being having a human experience? I think kindness can land in the heart of another and truly uplift their spirit. You never know what someone is going through. A smile or a kind word can restore hope to someone, in a world that can feel dark and lonely.

Goodness –

Do I want what is best for others, or am I threatened by the success of others? Do I believe there’s a lack of blessings in the universe? Is it true that another person’s win could somehow cancel out mine…? Does someone else have to be low in order for me to be high? The truth is, sometimes we vibrate highest together and other times we thrive better apart. Celebrate your victories, as well as the triumph of others. We can all win, as we all have gifts and beauty to enjoy and share. Let your light shine and bask in the brightness of your peers too. The more light in this world to share, the better.

Faithfulness –

Ask yourself if you are committed to the mission, or are you committed to your own personal gain and notoriety? When you are truly invested in the mission your actions, energy and focus will be congruent with bringing the mission into fruition.

Gentleness –

I remember times when my leadership approach became overbearing. Looking back, I realize I wasn’t being encouraging, I’d become a bully in the name of a cause. Well, obviously that didn’t work out well… People respond best when they feel valued, seen and appreciated. Gentleness brings out the best in people. Being brazen pushes people away. Be gentle, with yourself and with others.

Self-Control –

My ballet background taught me to be consistent with my practices. I value being disciplined on my path. I understand how choosing behaviors that are cohesive with growth can bring you closer to your desired result. I have implemented these behaviors into much of my life practices and have found that this approach is very supportive and beneficial to my career and to my relationships. My agreements and my word are my bond. I understand both the responsibility of preparation and the honor of serving others. Without self-control, I couldn’t do what I do with confidence and grace.

I wish you all delicious fruit and a harvest of plenty!

Below are some recommended practices as always:

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By Denise