Inner Reflections
September 27, 2021

Fierce Grace

Years ago, as I led the business of teaching yoga portion of our Holistic Yoga Flow teacher training, a young woman asked me “how do you handle it when other female teachers are mean and competitive?” I was stunned by the question. For a moment my mind went blank. I felt so much compassion for this young woman who was accustomed to women competing with each other for access and opportunities in our culture. I searched my memory for a relatable incident. I had none.

I told her that while it was common for anyone to experience a sense of admiration, or even jealousy, at the success of another person my experience has always been one of support, camaraderie and what in Buddhist terms is referred to as mudita or sympathetic joy among women and fellow female-identifying teachers in the community.

It was a beautiful moment in which I was able to stand securely in the felt-oneness of the power of yoga especially amidst a group of people who are too often depicted as being pitted against one another. We have the ability to change the narrative and over the last 15+ years, I have been privileged to watch this narrative continually change for the better.

This year we brought all of the women of Inner Dimension TV together to create a phenomenal women-led series, Fierce Grace, which is now streaming exclusively on This female-led initiative is the first of its kind in the yoga space in which all of the female-identifying teachers contributed their gifts to bring you a transformative 14-day journey of power yoga, yin yoga and meditation.

Led by the women of Inner Dimension TV, this series is strong and fiercely challenging. Inviting you to meet your edges, and then soften, the women of IDM lead you through 14-days of 45-minute thematic power yoga, yin yoga and gentle yoga with an accompanying daily, bonus meditation to empower your practice beyond the level of the body, penetrating your mind and heart. The power yoga classes tone and strengthen while the themes, yin yoga, gentle yoga and meditations take you to the power of your heart.

  In creating this series Brittany said, “there’s something incredibly powerful that arises when women co-create and support one another. The soft energy of the feminine along with the fiercely unwavering spirit of each woman I had the opportunity to collaborate with inspires me to continue to share and teach from the wisest and most nurturing space of my being. I’m truly honored to be a part of this one-of-a-kind series that combines all of the unique flavors of magic that each woman of IDM TV has to offer.”

In a single day, we came together and filmed new, thematic classes to create this powerful, embodied experience for you as you enter into the potency of the fall season. Christine shared, “being on set with the women of IDM always feels empowering. I feel inspired by the women of IDM – we each have a unique voice and offer so much strength, individually and collectively.  While creating the power yoga class Connect to Vitality and the gentle class Finding Center for the series, I reflected on the ways women face obstacles and achieve goals.  How feminine energy has different qualities than masculine energy in goal attainment.  We live in a masculine-centric culture, especially when it comes to success and goal attainment.  So the question becomes is it possible to achieve a goal by relaxing into it versus powering through to achieve it?  What about community? Getting support? Having fun in the process?  This is what I feel the women of IDM represent – the heroine’s journey – the power of women coming together in community, supporting one another, and achieving a goal as a collective.”

More than bringing the women of IDM TV together, this series is launching during the transformative start to the fall season in the western hemisphere to help bring us all together as we navigate change and prepare for the closure of yet another year, which for many has continued to be imbued with uncertainty. Coming together through this series, sharing your experiences in our private Facebook group, and connecting with each other will be key to your unfolding. Denise reminds us, “multiple women on IDM TV have been encouragements & reflections of my greatness back to me when I needed it most, when I’d forgotten my value. Being a participant in making this women’s series was a beautiful reminder that we also have soul sisters supporting each other around the globe! Thank you for your commitment to yourself. Thank you for persevering when it gets hard. Thank you for your vulnerability. Thank you, for being you – Together we rise!”

And don’t assume this female-led series is for the ladies only. These classes are fierce, as the series title describes, and they will challenge you to rise into your greatest potential. In most cases, we are each out of balance in some way and this series will help bring you back into balance whoever you are, however you identify and wherever life may find you at this moment in time as we venture forward into this season of change.

FIECE GRACE Inner Dimension TV

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By Lauren