Inner Reflections
January 11, 2021

Equanimity in a World of Uncertainty

By Mychal

Trying to describe the past year we have had seems somewhat inconceivable. Unpredictable, chaotic, stressful, frightening, uncertain, or erratic are some words that may come up. Behind all the ambiguity we have been faced with, it is imperative that we find steadiness within ourselves and our minds. An equanimous mind is an impenetrable mind in the face of uncertainty, and as yogis and human beings it is our duty to ourselves, families, and loved ones to set the example of composure amidst chaos.

Like most things in life, this is much easier said than done, and this is exactly why it is called a ‘practice,’ and why we practice. Every time we step on our mat or sit to meditate, we are sharpening the blades that are conducive to our overall mental and physical well-being. We are strengthening our willpower, endurance, enthusiasm, determination, and confidence, all while practicing how to best handle discomfort when it arises and embracing it with love and a warm smile. These are the qualities that we ultimately want to carry with us off of our mats and cushions into our everyday living.

Though we all have many differences in our lives like where we live, what we believe in, what we do for work, or the tragedies and successes that have shaped us as individuals, collectively, in this moment in time, we are all experiencing a ‘pandemic’ that is affecting every one of us whether immensely or modestly.

For those of us that reside in larger cities, the collective energy has without a doubt felt much more intense. For myself and my partner, this glaring reality has inspired us even more so to be the highest versions of ourselves and lead with impeccable examples.

In the beginning of March, when the world was shifting, we just so happened to be on a week-long tech-free retreat in Crestone, Colorado and the mantra throughout the week was, ‘show me anything, I can handle it.’ We had no idea about the world we were stepping back into until the week ended and we received the news from outside sources, and just as we had practiced all week long, we were mentally prepared for anything and groomed to handle it.

Moving through this new world with equanimity has been the foundation of staying healthy and poised throughout the uncertainty we have been living in. Along with doing everything we can to support our immune systems, my partner and I have consciously been the anchors in our families doing our best to embody, act, and speak from an equanimous state of mind.

It has not been easy and has required patience, acceptance, and understanding of different opinions and feelings, but no matter how difficult family dynamics can be at times, we both understand the importance of healthy family relationships and communication amongst one another.

In a world of uncertainty and unpredictability, a consistent movement and meditation practice has been the key and the glue that has held us together, individually and in partnership. I encourage all of you, if you have not already, to find a consistent routine with your movement and meditation practices.

If you have gotten off track a bit do not get down on yourself and just get back on your mat and cushion. Even if it is twenty or thirty minutes of movement or a few yin postures followed by a five minute sit, a little bit goes a long way. Be the rock and example you wish to see in the rest of the world and humanity and together we can inspire our families and others around us to do the same. One soul at a time.

Below are some recommended practices to cultivate more equanimity in your life:

Grounding and Stability