Inner Reflections
January 9, 2023

Community Is Everything

Yoga was not “love at first sight” for me. My first real power yoga class almost killed me. I was challenged physically but especially mentally and emotionally as I came face to face with self-doubt, a painful inner dialogue and so much self-created suffering. What kept me coming back was one thing: the community. If it weren’t for the instructors and the diverse array of people practicing alongside me, I would not have found the motivation to return and face the pain that needed to be faced in order for true transformation to take place. I could never have done it alone.

The community is why I practice. It is also why I began to teach. And it is why leading in-person classes, workshops, retreats and conversations is so important. And, it is also why we held our first community live class on New Year’s Day and why IDM TV is further putting our focus on supporting these free community events for YOU throughout this year! Through a series of community conversations, dharma talks and meditations, live streamed yoga classes and more, we are making sure that in 2023 you feel the presence, inclusion and support of your global IDM TV family. We will also highlight certain causes and charities near and dear to our heart as we hold these events. All of our upcoming events can be found here.

We cannot wait to share these special moments with you!

By Lauren