Inner Reflections
January 16, 2023

Building a Healthy Spine for Life

I am excited to share my new IDM TV series “Building a Healthy Spine for Life” with you as it bridges my experience and knowledge as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Yoga Instructor!  When we think of the health of our spine we may just think of the physical structures.  I believe however that true health doesn’t just depend on the physical – it’s integral to also address the energetic, spiritual, and emotional parts of ourselves.

This series integrates physical yoga postures with the energetics of the chakra centers to build a resilient spine and foster energetic balance.  The health of our spine is integral to our health – studies have shown that 90% of the stimulation and nutrition of our brain is generated by the movement of the spine!

In the Healthy Spine for Life series, each class is 20 minutes in length – allowing you to fit any class into a busy day. The series features three power practices and two gentle practices.  The three power practices include Grounding into Power, Vision and Voice, and Posterior Chain Fire. The two gentle practices include Spinal Mobility and Spinal Harmony.

Each class is dedicated to a particular area of the spine. Grounding into Power targets the lower back (lumbar spine) and pelvis. This class also builds on the grounding power of the Root, Sacral, and Solar chakras.  Spinal Mobility focuses on the mid-back (thoracic spine) and the space of the Heart chakra.  Vision and Voice centers on the neck (cervical spine) and the space of the Throat and Third eye chakras.  Posterior Chain Fire builds strength through the back part of the body helping to support the muscles of the spine.  Finally, Spinal Harmony brings all the elements together with a gentle practice connecting the dots between spinal mobility and stability.

Additionally, we will discuss mobility and the importance of posture in the series.  You may have heard that posture is important – and it truly is important to the health of the spine.  Good posture doesn’t just come from strong muscles, it also comes from our sense of ease, purpose, and confidence.  Think of the shape your body takes in different emotional states. Think of sadness or grief and the curling in which we might position our body in. Think of fear or low confidence as well and how we might lower our shoulders and curl our chest inwards.  Or the effect of confidence and love – how we might have a more open and receiving posture.  This is just one of the reasons I feel our energetic, emotional, and spiritual body has a huge impact on the health of our spine.

Additionally, the series also includes a guide to reducing inflammation in your body. If you suffer from repeated back aches, addressing inflammation can be key to unlocking vitality and health. I am excited to share this new series with you – and help you build spinal mobility, strength, and energetic balance!

Make sure to check out Christine’s new series, “Building a Healthy Spine for Life” now streaming exclusively on! 

By Christine