Inner Reflections
August 29, 2022

Be Empowered

Are you tired of feeling powerless, hopeless and in a constant state of overwhelm? Right now, we are experiencing upheaval across the globe including continuing warfare, climate change, a worldwide pandemic and many other challenges. I think we can all agree, planet earth is feeling like the planet of challenges, both on an individual and collective level.

But, now is not the time to run and hide in a cave. I’ll admit, I often fantasize about escaping to a remote temple or monastery where things might feel more peaceful but I love my family, students and work way too much to check out. I also know, life inside of a monastery isn’t any easier.

I guess we have to ask ourselves, why are we experiencing so many challenges? When I quiet my mind and connect to my heart, the answer becomes more clear — we are experiencing massive challenges to awaken our full potential. The world isn’t here to make you happy. It’s here to awaken you — to EMPOWER YOU!!!

Last time you were having an incredible dream, chances are you didn’t want to wake up because it felt so good to be living out your fantasy, even though it was an illusion. Adversely, the last time you were having a nightmare, I’ll bet you couldn’t wait to be jolted out of sleep.

Maybe the nightmares, or challenges, we are facing are there to help us awaken. For centuries, ancient traditions like yoga, have espoused that we are all born with an inner power, but most people, as they grow older become disconnected from this power. Worse yet, they give their power to other people along with society and media.

For example, from the day you were born you have endured an onslaught of messaging through advertising that who you are, as is, is not enough — and you’ll never be enough unless you acquire such and such product. Research shows that we have become a society infested with depression, sickness and anxiety, living in a constant state of comparison and competition.

Unhappiness and suffering don’t have to be the end of the story. This is why I’ve created my NEW online 30 day “EMPOWERED” yoga program. The goal of this program is to recalibrate you back to your optimal physical and mental health.

For 30 days, we will move through a 20-30 minute transformative yoga practice that can make you physically stronger and more flexible, decrease unnecessary body fat, and help you become more resilient to stress.

Most importantly, this journey will help you focus on what you ‘can’ control like your actions, daily habits, food choices, thoughts, and emotions. Nobody can change the station of your mind unless you give them the remote. It’s time to take back the remote and be in charge of living a life of health, purpose and meaning.

Every day on this journey you will move through a different class encompassing power yoga, yin yoga, breathwork, and meditation — that’s right, 30 days, 30 different practices, one on one with myself, kind of like having me as your private instructor!

The teachings of yoga and meditation are a powerful reminder, the reminder that despite what’s unfolding around you, that you have the capacity to move through life with grace, nobility and equanimity.

I’m excited to share this journey with you — the journey of empowerment — see YOU on the mat!

Make sure to check out Travis’ new Empowered Series with 30 days, 30 different practices when it’s released on Inner Dimension TV August 31, 2022, this Wednesday!

By Travis